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WLM | home SPEAKING of Heaven G od dropped some chunks of heaven from the sky; the best one landed in Alpine, Wyoming, according to Steven Funk, developer of The Refuge, a world-class fly-in community. By June Johnston Photography by Funk Brothers back on rounds in the evening, then he pushed the reset button and did it all over again the next day… and the day after. So, no, he wasn’t especially happy with his career. Steven was raised in Iowa and attended Purdue University on an athletic scholarship studying dentistry. Moving on to oral surgery, Funk relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 1979 for his residency. While there, he was invited to a party at the home of a real estate tycoon; there he met a gentleman that forever changed his life. Mr. Skalbania pointed his finger at Steven and ordered, “Kid, come to work for me,” and he walked away. He later learned that Mr. Skalbania owned five sports franchises, tons of real estate, gas, a brewery, a submarine manufacturing plant, and the list goes on. Apparently Steven decided that he could learn some things from Mr. Skalbania, so he did, indeed, go to work for him. Mr. Nelson Skalbania, the largest entrepreneur in Canada, asked Steven if he was happy with what he was doing. Steven explained that he did his hospital rounds at 6:30 AM, was in the surgical suite by 9:00, in his office by 1:00 PM, Steven went on to build five international companies that became top in their categories along with a host of other businesses. Then in 2007 he chose to sell them, “…not because I was so smart but my oldest three boys didn’t want them,” Steven www.wyolifestyle.com 9