WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 5

T hank you to Dr. Steve Larsen of Casper for sending in this image. I hung onto it for this issue because I feel it symbolizes the rebirth of beauty and growth amidst the cold and dreariness that can be smothering…much like the game of tug of war that Wyoming spring plays with our emotions. For my husband Levi and I, it is a very symbolic image right now. We were blessed with a very successful year as a business in 2014, but a very challenging year as a family. Things in our life moved in a direction we never saw coming, leaving us feeling often as though the wind were knocked out of us. I wish I could say it was all positive, but the reality is that it was not. It’s been a year to focus on patience and prayer, one of which we never have in abundance, and the other of which has been an emotional lifeline. It has both challenged and grown our marriage, our ability as parents, and our ability to tackle each day as it comes. When it came to December 2014, our growing business and our family challenges collided headlong, as our Wyoming Weddings guide and its expos grew by a great deal more than we had anticipated. It created a time crunch that we could only cope with. At a point we realized that something had to give – and that something was our winter issue of Lifestyle. I apologize for and am not pleased with that decision we had to make. It was one of the hardest I have had to make in our business, and it is one that I never want to have to make again. I realize I let people down, and that is something I do not take lightly. When it came to picking up the spring 2015 issue for production, I felt such joy creating Lifestyle, which reminds me much of how I felt when we first began five years ago. (Where does the time go?!) This business and this publication has taken on a life of its own that is so much bigger than myself or our family. It is a vehicle for sharing our state’s people, its present, past and future. Wyoming has become our passion – promoting it is almost addictive. This issue, as with others, has its own theme that arises from its pages. Intriguingly, this issue revolves around that idea of growing, building, failing, and growing again. I identified wholeheartedly with the story of photo by Steve Larsen Dick Casull and his career in the firearms industry; of Shawn Perry’s rise to a career in music and acting; to the UW 1943 basketball team, growing and succeeding despite World War II; to the German Russian families (including my own ancestors) who journeyed an incredible distance in search of space and freedom…and then did it again. For us, we’re going to do like Dr. Larsen’s image illustrates, and we’re going to continue to grow amidst the snow and cold; it’s not going to stop what we’re doing. We’re also expanding our staff and making moves to ensure that our growth can be managed efficiently. Thank you for your continued patience with us, and for reading our publication. Your time is valuable and we realize that. We aim to make WLM something that you’re excited to read and that stirs your pride in Wyoming, as it does ours. Happy 2015, Kati Hime Owner & Editor editor’s note www.wyolifestyle.com 5