WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 47

WLM | history only made a splash at home, they were crowned NCAA champions, leading to their match against St. John’s, the NIT champs, in an epic game to benefit the Red Cross, played at Madison Square Gardens in front of 18,000+ fans. Most of those present knew no one on the team, and some probably wondered who all lived in Wyoming anyway – perhaps even where it was and whether Wyoming had electricity yet... These unknown players came in to “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” and made history. The film Cowboys takes the viewer through the dynamics of the team, looking at each individual player’s history and personality that contributed to the magic. The year is chronicled, including the games played and days leading up to the incredible tournament held at Madison Square Gardens. While sports play a key role in the plot, it is the rich history of the people and culture in Wyoming in that era that hooked me. “I gained an understanding of my dad’s personality then through these people,” Kim says. “I got to really know my dad.” Kim and co-producer Allen Johnson of Broad Ripple Films were true co-producers in every sense. “Allen is also a sports writer,” Kim shares. “He was great at finding the sports facts, learning the techniques of these great coaches like Everett Shelton. I focused on finding people and getting the stories on the characters.” The result was a documentary that would satisfy the sports fan, history or movie fanatic. “The story is incredible,” Kim says. “The NCAA and NIT conferences were in their infancy. The guys were leaving left and right for World War II. Yet here comes this group of incredible Kenny Sailors players from Wyoming. These are makings of a great fictional story, but it’s all true. It had all the marks of a great documentary.” When Kim Komenich, son of 1943 Wyoming Basketball Center and “Big Man” Milo Komenich embarked upon