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WLM | generations FROM RUSSIA TO WYOMING with Love… A By Kati Hime Images courtesy Stover & Hime families and AHSGR couple of years ago, Levi and our oldest child decided to embark upon a genealogy project. It was early summer, and what began as a small summer project grew and grew until it involved our whole family, and took us to amazing places where we never knew we had ancestors. Ancestry. com, we thank you! We learned many fascinating things about both Levi’s and my family. We learned the origins and fates of great-grandparents and beyond, plus discovered that Levi’s grandfather served in World War II and saw his draft card! It also brought us closer to departed family members than we had been previously. My Grandpa Albert Stover and I were not able to meet until I was 19, and we spent three years enjoying our relationship before Levi and I lost him suddenly in 2001 to cancer. One of the blessings of my relationship with my grandpa was learning about, and inheriting some family heirlooms from, his ancestors. I had learned some about his mother, but I had never heard the story of her heritage. When Levi started researching my grandpa’s ancestry, we stumbled upon a gold mine of information. My grandfather’s mother, Hulda Lena Troudt Stover, was born in 1901 in Harrison, Kansas (in Jewell County almost right on the Kansas-Nebraska border near Superior, Nebraska), the daughter 42 Albert & Huldy Stover of Christina Weidenkeller and Henry Troudt Jr. The name Troudt of course was spelled a variety of ways throughout the census data, from Troudt to Traudt to Trout. My great-great grandfather, Henry Troudt Jr. (son of Heinrich Troudt) was born in Norka, Saratov, Russia in 1870, and immigrated to the United States as a boy with his parents in 1876, settling in Harrison, Kansas. My great-great grandmother, Christina Weidenkeller, Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Spring 2015 was also born in Norka, Saratov, Russia in 1870, immigrating to the United States with her family between 1886 and 1888 as a teenager, and also settling in Harrison, Kansas. Henry and Christina, my great-great AHSGR Library