WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 37

MY SPRINTER WLM | taste Sipping Soundtrack by Patrick Zimmerer, Table Mountain Vineyards I am always so glad to see the WLM Sprinter issue come out as it means warmer weather is right around the corner and our grape growing season is on its way. While not much is happening in the vineyard this time of year, it is a busy time inside the winery. The new wines from 2014 are tended to and nurtured as they go through their adolescent phase if you will. Some wines are well behaved and some like to rebel in the barrel. We bottle heavily this time of year and prepare for more wine and the 2015 harvest. I speak of the wines as if they are living, and it is true. Wine is a living, breathing thing from start to finish - fermentation (birth), cellaring (parenting time) and bottling (graduation day). In my life and in my wine’s life, music isn’t just a ritual; it is a soundtrack and a way of life. I like to keep the wine engaged and always living in the moment. Music plays a huge part of our harvest, our crush, and especially during the wine’s cellar time. Our wines get a full dose of all genres of music. At night, classical, but during cellar workdays anything truly goes. During workdays, our wines are treated to a mix of Wyoming Public Radio’s Morning Music program for new and exciting music and finding local artists along the way. The wines are always treated to a diverse blend of music genres, artists and flavors. So here’s my top five wine themed songs to get us through the highs and lows of the winter and false spring months ahead and a recipe for our Cowboy Cran Mulled wine to keep you full of Sprinter spirit! The Wyo Wine-O’s Sprinter Soundtrack. “Red Red Wine” – UB40 or Neil Diamond – A perfect classic that makes any sip worth it. “Dust on the Bottle” by David Lee Murphy – This song reminds us things do get better with time. “Spill the Wine” by War – We don’t advocate such a use for wine, but the song is a wine classic. “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter – A fitting sipping tune that pairs well with any of our fruit wines. What are your favorite sipping songs? Is it a song or mood that directs your wine playlist? Share your Sprinter soundtrack with us at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tracking us down @WyoWine and tag us with #SprinterSounds through May 31st. You might be handsomely rewarded! 21 or older only, please. Until next time -Cheers! COWBOY CRAN MULLED WINE 5 T. Aspen Mulling Spice 1 Bottle TMV Cowboy Reserve 3 Cups Cranberry Juice 1-4 Cinn Sticks Mix wine, spice & juice in crockpot and warm on low. Continue to stir and keep heat on low until wine is warm and ingredients have dissolved. Add sugar to taste, ladle into mugs and garnish with cinnamon sticks. Serves 8-10 and helps you sip those Sprinter days away! Patrick Zimmerer is the Owner/CEO and Wyo Wine-O at Large of Table Mountain Vineyards & Winery. TMV & Winery is Wyoming’s first and largest winery, producing 100% Wyo-grown wines from Patrick’s farm to your table in the not-so-big Huntley, Wyo. Learn more at wyowine. com or search Wyo Wine on your favorite social media site. Always designate a sober driver. Paid for by Federal Highway Safety Funds www.wyolifestyle.com 37