WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 34

WLM | my Wyoming craving The goal was to present areas that would be relatively easy to access by most casual travelers, but would definitely take them off the interstate highways. The next step was figuring out exactly how to put this all together and actually cover as much territory as possible in a reasonable amount of time. It fell to me to handle the majority of the logistics and research, while Bo was studying photographic techniques that would apply to new types of vistas that he hadn’t experienced before. Bo was insistent that we put exactly what we saw on the pages of the book. There wasn’t going to be any manipulating of images to enhance colors or put things in the images that just weren’t there. I agreed completely, having seen other books where the exaggerated colors gave false impressions. We spent the next year compiling information on places that could be accessed without too much hiking or being put in unnecessarily treacherous situations. This included using USGS maps, satellite imaging, road atlases, internet resources, library reference sources as well as historic society and Chambers of Commerce contacts. After this was all sorted out, we made plans for three trips to the southeastern quadrant which would total about 30 days and would cover almost 4,500 miles, just i