WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 33

seen a book that really did Wyoming justice as a whole. Sure, I had seen plenty of picture books, and nice ones at that, but they seemed to condense the state into a single book that showcased the popular spots – Devils Tower, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone & the Tetons. Now, granted I haven’t seen every book on Wyoming, but I still felt like there was something better that could be done. WLM | my Wyoming craving I lived out there for a bit over 13 years in Douglas and Casper, and found myself wanting to show people the Wyoming I had come to love. As soon as I got home, I called Bo and said “Bo, we need to do a book on Wyoming!” And that’s how this project came into existence. Besides knowing absolutely nothing about what it would take to publish a high quality book, we realized very quickly that one book alone simply wasn’t going to work. It would have to be 500 pages, three inches thick and would cost $200. We decided to break the state into four geographic quadrants and do as extensive a book on each quadrant as we could. www.wyolifestyle.com 33