WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 32

WLM | my Wyoming craving The Living Wyoming A PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIBUTE By Rich Rosenfeld Images by Bo Edgerton 32 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Spring 2015 T he Living Wyoming – A Photographic Tribute (Southeast Quad), the first in a series of four hardcover books, is the result of the passion & awe that Robert (Bo) Edgerton and I have for Wyoming. Bo & I, and our families, have been friends since the early 1980s. Not too long after that, Bo dove head first into photography and has been devoted to his craft ever since. He would tell me about spending the weekend taking pictures in the mountains of north Georgia, and I would point out that those aren’t real mountains, they have trees on top! Eventually he said that I needed to show him some real mountains, so in 2002 we headed to the Tetons and Double Cabin. That’s all it took to spark Bo’s fascination with the state. While we’ve both made separate trips out there over the years, it wasn’t until the spring of 2013 that I was in Wyoming and had a totally renewed love of the state that I unofficially call my home. It dawned on me that I had never