WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 31

80TH ANNUAL GREEN RIVER RENDEZVOUS July 9-12, Pinedale C By Pinedale Chamber & Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association Image courtesy Pinedale Chamber ome for the 80th Annual Green River Rendezvous, Pinedale’s most notable cultural event since 1936. Over the course of the four days from July 9th – 12th, 2015, 100+ vendors will close streets and fill parks with food, live music, beer, entertainment and more to celebrate the mountain men, legendary explorers, and Native Americans who opened commerce in the American West. From visits to the Museum of the Mountain Man that bestows Jim Bridger’s rifle to the return of the “Green River Rendezvous” historical re-enactment and nightly rodeos, cultural events will be in high supply. Plan your rendezvous at visitpinedale.org. From the Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association, meetmeonthegreen.com… The first Green River Rendezvous in our area was held in 1833 near where the town of Daniel stands today. During the fur trade era of the 1820s-1840s, six of these summer gatherings were held near this locale. The cry “Meet me on the Green!” was a reminder and a reassurance to trappers, who spent isolated winters gathering beaver pelts, and to traders, who traveled many miles on hazardous trails. Mountain men, explorers and {Native Americans} all gathered “below the Green” to barter, sell and swipe items such as skins, pelts, guns, trinkets and necessary provisions for the coming winter. The Rendezvous lasted anywhere from a few days to several months and was a time for trappers to cash in hard-earned furs, renew acquaintances with old friends, tell tall tales, and celebrate another year of survival with plenty of rowdy fun.