WLM WLM Spring 2015 - Page 20

WLM | explore Draper Natural History Museum; Meadowlark Audubon Society’s Vice President, John Rumm, will lead a tour up the South Fork Valley to view various species of birds; Wyoming Game and Fish Department is partnering with Dennie Hammer, Co-Discoverer, to lead a tour into the field of the rediscovery site of the Black Footed Ferret on the Pitchfork Ranch; Bureau of Land Management team will be leading various hikes around our area including McCullough Peaks and Bald Ridge and MUCH MORE! For a full list of events please visit www. springintoyellowstone.net/schedule We highly encourage people to sign up and come visit us in Cody this spring from May 13-17. Not only do we have the privilege of living 50 miles from 20 the nation’s first national park and first national forest, but Cody has a series of historical and entertainment attractions that make it one of the world’s leading travel destinations. We hope to see YOU this spring in Cody, Wyoming at the Spring into Yellowstone Birding and Wildlife Festival. Spring into Yellowstone Birding and Wildlife Festival’s Mission Statement: Spring into Yellowstone, an annual event based in Cody, Wyoming, and produced by a diverse group of partners, showcases the wildlife, landscapes and ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Region. The event educates and engages residents and visitors, encourages wildlife conservation