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WLM | explore SPRING INTO Yellowstone By Tia Mitchell, Cody Chamber of Commerce Images courtesy Cody Country Chamber of Commerce Spring into Yellowstone Birding and Wildlife Festival is currently in its third year of production. To be able to live near Yellowstone National Park is a privilege, which is why we thought it was imperative to develop an annual event to showcase the wildlife, landscapes, and ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Region. Spring into Yellowstone was created as a “shoulder season” event that would bring people to our area during a somewhat slow time at the start of our summer season. This is an excellent time to visit the area, view wildlife, and be outdoors. In 2013, the first year, the event attracted around 100 people both regionally and nationwide. Last year nearly all tours were sold out and the event saw 150 people from 14 states and two countries. We believe that this event has huge potential to continue to grow and the future of it is bright. This year we hope to continue to grow both in numbers and tour offerings. 18 photo by Barbara Cozzens Spring into Yellowstone is a unique event in that we partner with many local individuals and organizations including: Wyoming Game and Fish, Bureau of Land Management, Shoshone National Forest, Draper Natural History Museum at Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Meadowlark Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, Light in the Valley Photography, Friends of a Legacy (F.O.A.L), and Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Spring 2015 many more to provide great tours with local experts. Spring into Yellowstone is the best way for people to experience the