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WLM | adventure Here’s where our story took that predictable life-with- kids turn: our son was worn out. Period. Walking around the enormous center was not what he wanted to do. Fortunately for us, there was something for everyone at the center, and for him, it was a game with an old-timey gun in the Cody Firearms Museum. Levi is a gun collector and enjoys shooting, so he was thrilled with the displays. Our son’s attitude improved immensely, and just in time, because the raptor experience was beginning. WOW! We were impressed by both the size of the birds and the nice view of the action. The presenters were knowledgeable and entertaining. After the show, our son was ready to roam again. Our daughter and I enjoyed the Cody family exhibit, and we had a very enjoyable stay. Whenever I visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, I always come away seeing something I didn’t see before. Carve out some time, it’s an impressively large facility! After nudging our son through his afternoon meltdown, we decided it was fair to let him direct our dinner – pizza (shocker). We threw in some veggies scored at the grocery store and movie chill time and an early night to bed. It was going to be a big day tomorrow! Day three – Yellowstone! I know what you’re thinking – Is she suggesting they did Yellowstone in a day? No, that’s impossible. We made strategic decisions on what to see, based on Levi’s favorite photo opps. We checked out of our hotel early, ate breakfast in the car and made stops along the beautiful drive between Cody and the Yellowstone gate. Our daughter found the impressive dark gray rock walls, framed with the low-hanging clouds of our weekend’s ever-present rain, straight out of one of her favorite novels. She free-formed story lines with ever-bubbling enthusiasm as we drove, and I’ll admit it made this writer mama’s heart melt. The greens were vibrant in contrast to the color of the foreboding walls, and small waterfalls sprang from the rocks along our drive. Levi offered geology lessons, and our son got into spotting wildlife. It was a fantastic morning. One of the best memories of Yellowstone was the constant wildlife! The intermittent rain seemed to encourage the bison to settle in as we attempted to keep track of the number lying in grassy patches and under trees. Last count I remember was passing 100, especially in a tree-lined stretch of road that was full of adults and juveniles. We also saw bald eagles, deer, elk and plenty of small birds. 30 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2019