WLM Summer 2019 - Page 28

WLM | adventure FATHER’S DAY, A AN UMBRELLA — By Kati Hime Images by Levi Hime I f you are the parent of teenagers (or kids in general), there’s one word you’ll know – busy. We get that for sure. We also own some businesses – this publication you’re reading now (thank you!), Laramie Dance & Arts Center, House of Pounce Bounce Houses and LKH & Company Dance & Active Retail. Levi works 50 hours a week as a geologist, and I work as a sonographer two days a week and don’t have back up. It’s a challenge to find time away in addition to the kids’ activities. “Take a vacation!” we hear often. Summer of 2018 was our turn to take that vacation. We had just purchased a commercial building and were in between closing and Levi’s mammoth renovation looming over our summer. The dance recital was done, summer WLM distribution was complete and school was out. I dove into the obstacle course of our family’s life (which is more like one of those mud courses) and found a long weekend. We were going to Cody and Yellowstone to celebrate Father’s Day with Levi’s favorite hobby, photography. To split up the drive, we made stops along the way. 26 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2019 First day – Laramie to Thermopolis. I love how inexpensive the natural exploration is in Thermop. We ambled through Hot Springs State Park, where Levi and the kids were equally engrossed in taking pictures. Our 15-year-old daughter braved the foot bridge with me. Our 12-year-old son took great delight in comparing the “eau de sulfur” smell to … well, he’s 12 … you know what he said! The platform walking trail got us up close and personal to some fascinating birds who scurried across the water surface with amazing speed, plus beautiful colors. Take a groundwater geologist to a hot spring and they’ll talk your ear off. All we heard (between shutter clicks) was, “That water is full of an astounding number of materials…” Yes, Dear, we know. The kids wanted to stretch their legs, so I joined them leaping, pirouetting and Irish jumping (we are a dance family!) through the grass. As evening closed in, our stomachs were grumbling. An impressive thunderstorm struck up, so we moved our party indoors to One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company for burgers before calling it a night. To do next time: Wyoming Dinosaur Center. We ran out of time (darn it).