WLM Summer 2019 - Page 25

glaciers remain in the Bighorns, a few tiny ones in the Wyoming Absarokas (more across the border in the Absarokas in Montana), the Tetons, and of course, the Wind River Range, which is host to quite a number of them. There was a certain mystique on my first flight from Colorado to Wyoming, passing the Wind Rivers and Tetons, gazing into these mountain ranges, which were in my opinion more rugged than taller cousins to the south. Simply knowing that “there are glaciers in there” elevated the magnitude of what I was looking at, and I knew from the beginning that I’d have to go and explore them. From “exploration” came the idea to do a book on the glaciers of Wyoming. Once I confirmed that some glaciers did remain in Colorado, I decided to add those in, as I figured our friends www.wyolifestyle.com 23