WLM Summer 2019 - Page 18

WLM | my Wyoming craving Mormon Handcart Historic Site, Elk Mountain Museum, Hanna Basin Museum and Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site … and if you go over the Snowies into Centennial, be sure to check out the Nici Self Museum! Rooodeooo! That’s how my kids always like to say it, anyway. We love a local rodeo -- you can feel the breeze shift around you as the animals go whizzing by. There are many fun festivals in the summer in Carbon County that include a delightful rodeo as part of the fun. Woodchoppers Jamboree & Rodeo in Encampment (June 15-16) is a hoot to watch as loggers compete for the title of Rocky Mountain Champion Lumberjack. Sponsored by the Encampment-Riverside Lions Club, a rodeo is just a part of the high intensity event. The Platte River Rodeo Association Rodeo (June 28-29) is a two day, amateur event for the whole family with low entry rates, held at the Buck Springs Rodeo Arena in Saratoga. The Little Snake River (Lions Club CPRA/ WRA) Rodeo (June 29-30), held in Dixon, is a fun event that includes a rodeo dance after the festivities on Saturday night. The WRCA Ranch Rodeo in Encampment (July 27) is unique as working cowboys are those invited to participate – they must prove they are a current “working cowboy,” and the winners are automatically entered in the WRCA Finals in Amarillo in November. WRCA = Working Ranch Cowboy Association – pretty cool if you ask me! The Saratoga Bullfest (August 23-24) brings the action of bull riding to Saratoga, and the Carbon County Fair & Rodeo (August 2-10) is every bit as awesome as it sounds. You might just start saying it like my kids – “Tonight’s the rooooodeoooo….” Yummers… With all this adventure, you’re going to get hungry. Carbon County is all about locally-owned, hometown cooking, and it’s diverse and delicious. You can start your day with a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast to get you through the hike or a yummy latte to kick start your morning. Lunch can be anywhere from a hearty burger to famous Mexican and Asian options that locals frequent regularly. Ice cream for the family after a long afternoon on the trail? Absolutely. Want fine-dining in the evening? Check. Want to explore whiskey or settle into a cozy chair with a locally brewed beer? You betcha. Local Photo courtesy of Carbon County Vistor Council 16 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2019