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WLM | my Wyoming craving CARBON COUNTY Go Fish! If fishing is your jam, are you in luck! Besides the World Famous Miracle Mile (a stretch of the North Platte River around five to eight miles in length), you also have the Encampment River, Little Snake River, Seminoe Reservoir, Hog Park Reservoir, High Savery Reservoir and Saratoga Lake (just to name a few) to choose from. a delicious lunch and strolled the town. However, there are multiple options for your adventure. Check out the Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway, Outlaw Trail Loop (aptly named due to a Wild Bunch train robbery), and Battle Highway. There are several quaint towns and breath-taking scenery creating photographic stops to dot your trip. Take a Hike! My personal outdoor recreation of choice, you just can’t go wrong with hiking – unless you have kids and forget to call for a rest when they tire out. Our son has kept us humble in that regard… The Medicine Bow National Forest, accessible from the Carbon County side or my own Albany County side, is my old stomping grounds and I can attest to its wonder. Besides packing the obvious (snacks, water, sunscreen, a jacket, area map, compass, field glasses, etc.), we enjoy taking along a wildflower identifying guide and our son usually brings his butterfly net. We also take along their dad and my hubby, Levi, who is a geologist – but if you don’t have a geologist to pack along, it’s worth investing in a guide. The area is rich in fascinating geology! Over at wyomingcarboncounty.com, there are helpful links to hiking resources. There’s also a lovely little visitor center right outside of Centennial that has area maps. Ahhh…. At the end of your adventurous day, take a soak in a natural wonder – Hobo Hot Springs, world famous for its mineral hot springs and thermal waters. Free and open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this gem resides in Saratoga’s City Park on Walnut Street. When Levi and I were in college in Laramie, this was a weekend evening getaway perfect for a starving college couple’s budget. Today my Nebraska family makes this a regular stop during their annual Snowy Range camping adventure. They usually have a story to share of a friendly someone they met in the springs that knows someone that knows someone that they know … such is Wyoming. Hit the Road! My elderly Texan grandmother and her husband aren’t hikers, so we jumped in the car and explored. We had a great time traversing the Snowies from the Centennial side, over the top to Saratoga, where we grabbed ADVENTURE OF ANOTHER TYPE Pairing outdoor adventure with cultural exploration equals a vacation full of stories to take home. You’ll also need to remember that Wyoming summers are full of thunderstorms, frequently in the afternoon/evening, and usually relatively short. It’s a great time to pop into a local museum and learn some of the fascinating history of the region. Say what?! I am a museum junkie – history is our family’s hobby, and if you’re like us, you will not be disappointed in Carbon County. I can’t give all the good stuff away, so let me give you some clues … Head to the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins and ask about the shoes and Thomas Edison. Head over to the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum, also in Rawlins, to get up close and personal with prison life, including the gas chamber. While camping in Ryan Park, be sure to find the interpretive signs detailing its past as a Civilian Conservation Corp site and a Prisoner of War camp in World War II. In each of Carbon County’s quaint towns there are fabulous museums, small but mighty. I love a small museum myself as I get to really connect with the history and docents and have fascinating conversations. The Saratoga Museum was a real treat for my history-loving kids! Inquire about their concert schedule so you can time your visit with entertainment and good food in downtown Saratoga. The Grand Encampment Museum includes a lovely area of historic buildings that capture 19 th & early 20 th century life in Wyoming. If you’re traveling to Carbon County on I80, make a stop in Sinclair to learn the town’s origins as Parco, built as a community for the refinery workers. There is beautiful architecture to enjoy as well! In Medicine Bow, learn about the origins of Owen Wister’s The Virginian. There are still more museums to enjoy – I could write a single feature on them to do them all justice – check out the Little Snake River Museum, Baggs Outlaw Stop, www.wyolifestyle.com 15