WLM Fall and Holiday 2015 - Page 58

WLM | adventure and view for miles are awesome and I found myself craving more with each vista. Farmlands, fields and neighborhoods become colors while mountain trees, valleys, sky and clouds become brush strokes on the canvas that was before me. It was beautiful beyond words. My experience would only have been made better by having control over the vessel that brought me there. Again, here are my issues with control but with good reason. Perhaps it was the small turbulence or the frequent change of view from the lens of my camera but either way I could no longer ignore the fact that I was going to vomit. How could this happen?! I was prepared, I knew the physiology and I took control. I wasn’t going to be that guy…or was I? Yup, I guess so. Having relieved myself out the small window of the cockpit, I sheepishly informed my pilot that I had painted the starboard side of his antique airplane with my stomach contents. Graciously he asked if I was ok and if we needed to land but to my relief, I now felt fantastic. So, we journeyed on. Arriving back in Alpine, I was ecstatic. What a thrill! What an experience! The thought I had while we hosed off the tail section of the Piper airplane was that combination of photography and flight was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. I can see now what motivates him to do what he does. I left feeling privileged to have been able to witness and experience firsthand the human experience of aerial photography with Garrett Fisher. W L M Jake Care Owner / Technician Wyoming Minute Man Supply, LLC 56 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn & Holiday 2015 Garrett Fisher will share his view from the heavens in WLM in future issues, without the risk of gastric distress. So stay tuned – and if you want to check out Garrett beforehand, browse his book selection for your favorite Wyoming photography aficionado and follow his blog, visit garrettfisher.me.