WLM Fall and Holiday 2015 - Page 57

WLM | adventure © Garrett Fisher yet thorough and included a brief instruction of what to do in the unlikely event of a crash -- “Make sure this switch is on to activate locating beacon and use radio to seek help (another deep swallow).” And with that, we were on the runway. One thing about being a passenger in a small aircraft, despite how good the weather you are flying in, the ride is still more turbulent than expected. This proved to be a challenge for both the photography and my stomach. Fortunately, the beauty of what I witnessed from that small airplane was distraction enough to ignore any feelings of uneasiness…for a while. We followed a pre-determined flight path along the eastern slope of Star Valley, south from Alpine to Afton and back again. Observing firsthand what Garrett sees from his small airplane, I realize why it draws him back. The texture and contrast of the terrain below, the perspective www.wyolifestyle.com 55