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WLM | adventure air sickness and have access to the appropriate medications to avoid such a calamity. Besides, the thought of needing to vomit from within the confined space of this two passenger cockpit was motivation enough to make sure I was prepared. And so, with that vision as my motivation and a full dose of anti-motion sickness chemotherapy complete, I arrived early and was greeted by an unassuming yet sizable Garrett Fisher. I began my adventure with Garrett first by thumbing through his blog. I wanted to get an idea of who this guy is. What makes him tick? What possesses a man to “stick fly” an antique prop plane to the heights of the Colorado 14ers, risking life and limb, and for what? A picture? As a landscape photographer, I know sometimes you put yourself at risk to get the shot. But to this extent? Why? To answer these questions, to truly understand the passionate reasoning, the addictive surge of emotion, the pioneering compositions and the godlike views that demand you do it again… well, you just have to experience it for yourself. I heard it said that in photography, the days of being able to photograph something for the first time and truly have an Ansel Adams moment are days gone. Being the adventurer he is, I think Garrett Fisher may have found one of the only remaining powder snow mountains left in photography - and he’s carving his tracks. My wife says I’m a control freak. As a surgeon, I’d like to say that I like things to go according to plan, my plan. There is a reason why I am the way I am: it’s nauseating to lose control, both in surgery and in moving vehicles. I’ve always known I was prone to motion sickness but only when not in control of the moving vehicle. I read Garrett’s blog entry retelling the nauseating details of how his antique airplane became a virtual “vomit comet” for an irresponsible passenger that failed to make necessary preparations to avoid air sickness. I vowed I wouldn’t make the same mistake. After all, I am a physician and understand the physiology of www.bosv.com Afton – Thayne – Alpine 307.885.0000 54 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn & Holiday 2015 Now, I stand six feet tall yet found myself looking up. The thought crossed my mind, “How are we both going to fit into this plane?” No worries, herein is part of the adventure. We made our way to the airplane hangar which eclipsed the small aircraft housed within, leaving enough room for various tools and spare parts and such gathered around the craft. Next thought,