WLM Fall and Holiday 2015 - Page 54

WLM | adventure GARRETT FISHER: A s a novice photographer, I’ve learned a lot about myself in how I view the world around me. I guess that is where my interest in photography came from: my own desire to capture the emotion of an image and present that image in such a way as to reproduce a similar emotion in the viewer. In a small way, this connects me with the viewer and, in turn, I feel I have shared a part of me with someone else. I suppose, then, that photography satisfies a part of my humanity and need to interact with people around me. Or, is it that I just think taking pictures is cool? Either way, put me in a small, antique, single engine prop airplane to photograph mountain topography full of texture and drama at 10,000 feet and you have all the ingredients of making photography cool…way cool. Garret Fisher has been making photography cool for some time now. While I have been panning my lens back and forth and zooming in and out to compose my shots, Garret has been flying back and forth across the country and zooming in and out of mountain valleys to showcase his talents. Garret Fisher is a self-made author, adventurer, and economic innovator. He took up photography years ago as a young boy when he confiscated his parents’ camera. But for several years now, he has been photo documenting beautiful parts of the country while piloting his 1940s Piper PA-11 Cub Special restored by his grandfather. He has published several books chronicling his adventures and also hosts a blog where he documents the “nitty-gritty” of each shoot. A native of New York, finding himself in Alpine was no mistake as he seeks the landscapes with the most beauty and splendor, intrinsic to Wyoming. When I was asked to go along with Garrett on a flight to get a personal idea of what it is like to do what he does, I jumped at the opportunity. Aviation and photography all in the same day? I couldn’t wait. 52 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn & Holiday 2015