WLM Fall and Holiday 2015 - Page 42

WLM | people donates her time to giving the horses acupuncture once a month. They are given an annual physical & dental examination. The program is looking for a massage therapist to work on their horses as well. Their horses are fed quality feed (Purina Senior) twice a day, joint and ulcer supplements and hay or pasture. “Our horses are turned out as much as possible to eliminate soreness and boredom,” CHAPS staff say. “We follow the strict guidelines of PATH International for horse usage and care.” The CHAPS facility, a six stall barn, indoor & outdoor arena, five small paddocks and three pastures, is located five miles east of Sheridan on Highway 14, heading towards Ucross. “This facility is great, but it is not usable year-round,” says CHAPS staff. “The arena is not heated, making it very difficult to work in the bitter cold of winter. Therefore, we must close from midNovember to the first of March each year. This resting period is great for the horses, but leaves us with no income for 3.5 months, which can be difficult. Our goal is to start a capital campaign in the near future to build a facility that will ensure year-round activity.” In 2016, CHAPS’ goal is to include the Volunteers of America (VOA) to their current client list. “They have adults, youth and veterans in their substance abuse programs that they wish to have participate in the EFP program,” CHAPS staff report. “We are delighted and excited at the prospect of helping more people next year.” A few of CHAPS bigger donors include: LaRue Foundation, Perkins Foundation, Kelly Schriebies Memorial Foundation, Marna Khuene Foundation, Wyoming Community Foundation, The WYO Rodeo Gold Buckle Club, The Napier Foundation, The Kaul Foundation, The Seidler Foundation, The Woodson Foundation, The Welch Foundation, Gwillim Family Fund, Kibbee Foundation, Scott Foundation, Twin M Designs, Kim Love, Jim Kerr, Terri Luplow, Steve Kraft and Sherry Buck. All of these have either donated money or hay to the program. Horse sponsors include Lacie Schwend, Anita Pinkham, Cloud Peak Energy, Colts Unlimited/Charlie & Hillary Carrel and Kennady Myers. WLM 40 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn & Holiday 2015 Meet the staff: Kristen Marcus, Executive Director, grew up in Ten Sleep on a small ranch. She pursued an A.S. degree in Equine Studies at Central Wyoming College, then went on to receive a B.S. in Animal Science, Masters of Ag in Agriculture and a Masters of Science in Ag Communications from Oklahoma State University. Kristen is a certified riding instructor with American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA), and has owned/raised horses for over 20 years. This is Kristen’s first year with CHAPS. Dr. Jessica Ricchio, PATH International certified instructor in TR and ESMHL, has a B.S. in Animal & Veterinary Science from West Virginia University, and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS. She has been an instructor with CHAPS for the last eight years. She works mostly with the VAMC veterans, but has a few TR clients and a group from NSI as well. Christina Pescatore, PATH International certified instructor in TR and ESMHL, has a B.S. in Parks & Recreation Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. She spent 11 years at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, a PATH International Riding Center. Christina works with TR clients, groups from Ft. MacKenzie High School, NSI and local veterans. This is Christina’s first year with CHAPS. Lynn Gordon is the program’s licensed counselor. She has been working in the Sheridan area for 30+ years and is fully invested in the EFP program. Working primarily with the VAMC veterans, Lynn has seen some amazing changes in people working with their horses. Lynn has been with CHAPS for the last two years. Gina Marchese is the barn manager. She is pursuing a degree in Animal Science while working at CHAPS. Gina is in charge of all equine care, barn, equipment and facility repair. With help from volunteers, she feeds all ten horses every day. She also coordinates all farrier, veterinary and acupuncture appointments as well as barn/facility cleanup/repair ^\