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WLM | inspirational woman Elizabeth went into labor, thinking it was a real Indian attack, and ended up dying from the birth…” the first government funded road project in this part of the country. The Paul family chose this route. Martha Bentley, another of Elizabeth’s descendants states, “… The family story goes that on the trail, they were worried about Indians, and one morning, a group of boys on the train, began playing like they were Indians attacking. A Craftsman’s Co-Op in Downtown Laramie 117 E. Grand Avenue Mon - Sat 10 - 6 Sun 1 - 5 Beginning 11/1 www.thebentandrusty.com www.thebentandrustyshop.com 307.460.9265 Bent & Rusty Cotton Company on Most items handcrafted in Wyoming by Wyoming Crafters 20 Reminiscences of Alice Amelia Wells, granddaughter of Thomas Paul, also submitted by Sheryl Bentley, shares another version of the incident at Bear Mountain on the Lander Cut-off. The story is, “She [Elizabeth] was getting along fine, but there was a man in the company thought he would see how the people would react to an Indian scare, so he faked an attack…” It caused great fear in the camp and threw Mrs. Paul into labor. Around 9:00 AM on July 27, 1862, Mrs. Paul passed away givi