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FALL WLM | taste into Wine A s I write this article, the 2015 grape harvest is winding down for us in Wyoming. It was a season of crazy weather and our harvest and grapes reflected it. The vineyards were low yielding and the grapes were far and few to find. Yet the quality of the grapes that were salvaged from the season were of the highest quality that we’ve ever seen in Wyoming. The acid, the sugar and the pH were nearly in balance and are lined up to make some great wine. Isn’t that true with all of us in Wyoming? Even when things look the worst, there always manages to be some silver lining to it. It’ll be nearly a year before the 2015 vintage gets to a glass to taste this summer season, but we are hopeful it will be worth the wait. As we in Wyoming prepare to turn and change seasons, we too are like wine. Each year, each life event and each season builds our story and tale of life. While cold weather approaches and we prepare to bottle ourselves up to brace for the cold, we all hold this year and this vintage within us. Our wines will go from actively fermenting to resting within a few weeks. The cold months of winter let the wine go dormant and age to develop flavor, character and balance all of the flavors of the 2015 growing season. Winter is coming but that doesn’t mean we have to go dormant or hibernate the season away like wine. These changing seasons are a great time to experience new and fun wines. New vintages are released and you can taste the seasons of prior years as you weather through the colder times. Hearty reds, drier whites are much more approachable with the colder weather and pair beautifully with comfort foods, stews and soups. Sweet wines offer that kick of sweetness to cut through heavier dishes and to wake up your palette as you sip away. So don’t go into hibernation, but rather engage and awaken your senses as you experience new and exciting Patrick Zimmerer is the Owner/CEO wines! Watch for and Wyo Wine-O at Large of Table our new releases Mountain Vineyards & Winery. TMV & this fall and enjoy Winery is Wyoming’s first and largest this fun autumn winery, producing 100% Wyo-grown wines from Patrick’s farm to your table appropriate sangria in the not-so-big recipe to celebrate Huntley, Wyo. Learn the bounty and more at wyowine. flavors of harvest! com or search Wyo Wine on your favorite social media site. 12 Until Next Time, Cheers! Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn & Holiday 2015 by Patrick Zimmerer, Table Mountain Vineyards • • • • • • • • Wyo Gold Harvest Sangria 4 cups apple cider 2 bottles of TMV’s Wyoming Gold (Sweet White Wine) 2 cinnamon sticks ½ teaspoon allspice or pumpkin pie spice 6 Apples Chopped – a mix of sweet and tart apples 4 Pears Chopped Star Anise Pods or Cloves (for making it look pretty!) 2 cup clubs soda or ginger ale Mix ingredients together in a large pitcher. Refrigerate at least an hour or overnight before serving, but to develop flavors. Add club soda or ginger ale right before serving, pour over ice in a wine glass and sip away! For a boozier kick, add ½ cup of your favorite bourbon or fruit brandy. Serves 15-20.