WIZO REVIEW SPRING-SUMMER 334 May, 2014 | Page 2

From the Editor Dear Chaverot, This magazine will only be online, so please try to direct as many chaverot as possible to the link on our website. The next magazine will be printed and mailed for Rosh Hashana. We start this issue with a comprehensive report (pages 8-11) by Jill Shaw, Chair of WIZOuk, of the Meeting of Representatives (MOR) which took place in January. There was fun, laughter – and very serious business as we sat down to discuss and brainstorm about future strategies for WIZO. In a revealing interview, WIZO Germany’s President Diana Schnabel describes growing up in post-war Germany, the attitude of the Jewish community today – and the strong commitment of WIZO Germany. (p.14) Our dynamic Aviv representative to the World WIZO Executive, Laurienne Baitz has made such an impact, everybody wants her! On page 23 she describes her present and future globetrotting to encourage and IGNITE younger WIZO members and a call to all Avivs to join her at the international Aviv Seminar in Tel Aviv at the beginning of November. Spring/Summer 2014 Editor: Ingrid Rockberger No. 334 www.wizo.org Assistant Editor: Zohar Friedman Rebecca Sieff WIZO Centre, 38 David Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv, Israel Tel: 03 692 3805 Fax: 03 692 3801 Internet: www.wizo.org Email: [email protected] Editorial Board: Zipi Amiri , Tova Ben-Dov, Rivka Lazovsky, Hassida Danai, Carmela Dekel, Janine Gelley, Esther Mor, Gila Oshrat, Sylvie Pelossof, Meytal Woolf Graphic Design: StudioMooza.com Photos: Zohar Friedman, Ingrid Rockberger, Kfir Sivan Cover photo by Tzachi Vazana: Students at WIZO Nachlat Yehuda School celebrate Shavuot Published by World WIZO Publicity and Communications Department Our Organisation and Tourism Division articles spotlight the role of Israelis abroad and how they interact with the Jewish communities and how to attract the younger generation (Generation Y) to WIZO. (Page 24) Contents WIZO Hadera’s Leadership course for young girls opens the eyes of teenagers from low socio-economic backgrounds to a different world – a world where they can have ambitions and be high-level achievers – they just have to set their goals. Read this inspiring article on page 20. Enjoy reading! 48 One of the Florida husbands celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut with the children at the Pilavin Gates Day Care Centre in Rishon Le Zion 2 I SPRING/SUMMER 2014 I WIZO RE VIE W WIZO Tel Aviv A sampling of the projects at the WIZO Tel Aviv branch 14 26 Meeting of Representatives Relive the 2014 MOR Meeting Germany’s Jews Interview with WIZO Germany President Diana Schnabel 17 20 Up Front 12 Ingrid Rockberger Editor Chairperson‘s Column 08 19 05 06 13 President‘s Desk Common Stories: A Voice for Jerusalem’s Youth An afternoon at the WIZO Kagan Centre for Youth and Communications “We don’t have to leave it up to the boys” WIZO course empowers girls to become leaders 23 Aviv Updates from Laurienne The Untapped Potential of the Israeli Diaspora A look at the role Israelis play in Jewish communities abroad 26 Zohar found the WIZO Helena Kagan Centre for Youth and Communications in Jerusalem a hive of activity – ably run by the energetic and indomitable Yochai Rotenberg. The centre is a magnet for youth from all over Jerusalem who find a home away from home – a place where they can find a sympathetic ear. Read all about it on page 17. 04 08 Editorial 24 Zohar’s first article (on page 12) covers the myriad activities of WIZO Israel’s Tel Aviv branch, including a ‘warm home’ for teenage girls, a single parents’ group and a weekly craft day for pensioners. Their beautiful knits and other hand-made items are sold for the benefit of WIZO. Although we have some years to go before WIZO celebrates its centenary in 2020, there were some women’s Zionist organisations which pre-dated WIZO and subsequently joined our movement. Most notable were those in South Africa – and a glance at the reports of the South African Federation in WIZO Around the World show WIZO Pretoria’s 113th Annual General Meeting, Johannesburg’s 100th, Durban’s 80th and Capetown’s 112th. Mazaltov to the South African Jewish community for their long-term commitment! WIZO Around the World, showcasing all the wonderful work of the federations, starts on page 30. 02 20 Our intrepid assistant editor Zohar Friedman has been out in the field these past few months, visiting various projects and learning and feeling ‘What is our WIZO all about.’ Membership Recruitment for Generation Y Insights from the MOR on how to recruit millennials 30 WIZO Around the World CHANGE OF ADDRESS: To make sure you don’t miss a copy of WIZO Review, please let us know any address changes by email to [email protected] Don’t forget to add your full name, mailing address, zip code and country. SPRING/SUMMER 2014 I WIZO RE VIE W I 3