Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 7

Axis occupation and Resistance (1941–1944)

•1941, 30 May: The first resistance act occur in Athens. Two law students tear down the Flag of Nazi Germany from the Acropolis.

•1941, 27 September: The National Liberation Front (EAM), the largest resistance group, is initiated.

•1941, 28–29 September: A spontaneous rebellion in Drama is repressed by the Bulgarian occupation forces with a death toll of 3,000.

•1941, 17 October: Executions of the male population and burning of the village Kerdyllia by the Nazis, with a death toll of 235.[19]

•1941, 23–28 October: Massive executions of the inhabitants of the villages Mesovouno, Cleisto, Kidonia and Ambelofito by the Nazis.

•1941–1942, Winter: The Great Famine. An estimated 300,000 Greeks perish during the period of occupation, with mortality reaching a maximum during that winter.

•1942: The Fortune Tax (Varlık Vergisi) is imposed on the Greeks in Turkey (as well as on others, mostly non-Muslims), resulting in their financial ruination.

•1942, June: The Greek People's Liberation Army begins operating in the mountains.

•1942, Summer: The great suffering and the pressure of the exiled Greek government eventually forces the British partially to lift the blockade. The International Red Cross is able to distribute food supplies in sufficient quantities.