Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 6

1941, 20 April: The Greek First Army surrenders to the Germans.

•1941, 21 April: The German forces manage to go through the Metaxas Line.

•1941, 22 April: The King, the Royal family and the Government flee Athens and go to Crete.

•1941, 27 April: The German Army enters Athens. Greek writer Penelope Delta commits suicide. The Nazi flag is raised on Acropolis; Evzone soldier on guard duty jumps off the Acropolis wrapped in the Greek flag.

•1941, May: The Allied forces impose a naval blockade of Greece, ending off all imports, including foods.

•1941, 4 May: Out of respect for the Greek nation, Hitler orders the Wehrmacht not to take Greek war prisoners and allows them to carry weapons.

•1941, 20 May: Beginning of the Battle of Crete.

•1941, 22 May: The King, the Royal family and the Government are evacuated to Alexandria.

•1941, 1 June: The remaining defenders at Sphakia surrender to the German Army.