Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 5

Timeline of Greek history in World War II

•1940, 28 October: After Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas rejects an Italian ultimatum demanding the occupation of Greek territory, Italian forces invade Greece. Beginning of the Greco-Italian War.

•1940, 13 November: The Battle of Pindus ends in a complete Greek victory.

1940, 14 November: The Greek forces enter Albanian territory.

•1940, 24 December: The Greek army controls practically all of Northern Epirus.

•1941: Turkey mobilizes all Greeks between 18 and 45 years of age and deports them to labour battalions in central Anatolia.

•1941, 29 January: Ioannis Metaxas dies in Athens.

•1941, 1 March: Earthquake occurs in Larisa leaving 40 people dead and thousands homeless.

•1941, 9–20 March: The Italian Spring Offensive fails to dislocate the Greek forces.

•1941, 6 April: The German Army invades Greece.

1941, 11–12 April: Battle of Vevi.

•1941, 18 April: The German Army advances towards Athens. Prime Minister Alexandros Koryzis commits suicide.