Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 30

Our Reflections From Erasmus+ To be able to list all that Erasmus+ had done for us, we would be far beyond words. To sum it up, we would not be who we are today if we had not been given this amazing opportunity. What had really affected us and drove was to show all the crazy, incredible travels, experiences, memories and most importantly, the friends we have made. We would not have gone to all these cities, counties. Our Erasmus year has opened many doors for the future, allowing us to continue carrying it out and never forgetting it! This program gave us the chance to travel to two European countries. We were also lucky enough to host students from three different countries and show them our culture and way of living. There were both good times and bad times, but after this journey we were able to let go of the difficulties we had and hang onto the happy memories. We made unexpected new friendships in a very small period of time, and bonded with people that we would never have met otherwise. Through the interviewing process, apart from gaining skills that we wouldn’t have spent time on otherwise, such as translating, video editing and most importantly, interviewing the elderly, we were also moved by the devastating stories of the witnesses, who had a hard time explaining their story because the events were overwhelming and they felt like they were reliving those moments.