Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 22

We left to the mountain too. A big mine was taken by the Germans. Every human being of our village, was working there. We were forced to work there for Germany’s benefit. Once, a German was killed by Greek workers. This event had serious consequences for the Greeks. They were all gathered at the school yard. My father was one of them. We were all terrified. Women were crying. The German soldiers dragged the men one by one, counting from 1 to 40. Someone shouted at the top of his voice “STOP”. They were all assassinated. My father wasn’t there but my friend’s Sophia’s father was among them. Forty bodies. It is something I will never forget. (He is starting to cry). That was the brutal reprisal. Forty Greek souls for a German. My mind is confused but this is a vivid recollection for me. I remember the Nazi going up and down with their bikes and jeeps named “James” screaming. We had such a fright that we couldn’t understand what they said. They left from our lives in the same way they came. Many people came out of their houses cheering the Victory “The German left”, “The Germans left”, “HELLAS , HELLAS ,HELLAS”