Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 20

‘’Tsaritsani’’ in flames! Tsaritsani in flames! Our house was in flames too. I turned to my mother and said laughing and clapping , as I couldn’t understand the significance of that fact ‘’Look mummy our house is burning.” I can still remember the way my mother looked at me! One day, I was almost killed. I wanted to help my mother so I threw some straws in the fireplace and there was a bullet from my brother’s gun inside. the bullets went off and thank God I was very lucky for being saved. I was running and shouting: ‘’I am dead, I am dead!’’ Although, we were little children I can remember everything. They are still in my memory. Under difficult weather conditions we had to live out on the mountains in bare foot. It was very cold, it was snowing. We couldn’t even wash ourselves so we had lice. Our lives were a hell. We never felt children. Our toys were some balls made from ropes and pieces of clothes. This situation lasted for only two years, but in my mind it seemed to be a century!