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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Wiring Harness News SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 57 MPX at welding process Telso®Flex, with intuitive HMI Touch Screen floor. This machine is also ideal for application development and feasibility at customers’ site or at Telsonic application laboratory. Furthermore, Telsonic will have the advantage of building and making faster delivery as well. Specific configurations of the MPX are defined by the terminal design (Flat, 3D, with side walls) and process requirements, e.g.: • Terminals with insulation crimp • Terminals require automatic feeding • Bad weld cutting device In any of above conditions, for a different terminal or cable size, the setup or changeover will simply require a different sonotrode and nest that can be set up within minutes. By using the software Telso ® Flex, the intuitive HMI Touch Screen (Figure 8) makes the changeover and operation easy and reliable. The Telso ® Flex control unit allows live monitoring of the process, high level quality and machine troubleshooting, and networking from remote location. The universal and modular features of the MPX with a power range of 2.4 kW to 7.2 kW allows the capability of a wider range of applications with the same machine. For additional information and evaluation of your applications, please visit us at www.telsonic.com or contact our USA branch in Massachusetts -617 244 0400 The Swiss Telsonic Group has been offering its industrial ultrasonic solutions through representation in Europe, America and Asia since 1966. Constant innovations help to ensure that, in many applications, Telsonic has established a lead over competitors that offers added value to customers. With over 250 highly qualified staff, the owner-managed company specializes in plastic and metal welding as well as ultrasonic cleaning and screening. All over the world, customers in fields such as automotive, packaging and medical technology value the company‘s comprehensive services and broad range of ultrasonic components for system construction as well as its complete welding systems.