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56 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 Wiring Harness News INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Telsonic Universal Ultrasonic Metal Welder MPX Figure 1. MPX welder modules The ultrasonic metal welding process is being used for cable terminations/assembly more than ever. New terminals in all different shape and forms are being designed and utilized for automotive applications. The new and most common applications are for high voltage cable terminations and battery cable assembly. Such variety in the automotive terminal designs will require a Universal welding machine that can be adopted to most, if not all, terminals. To address these developing requirements, Telsonic has introduced the MPX terminal welding machine. The MPX is a universal welder with standardized modular options (Figure 1). Manufacturers can adapt the MPX to their wire to terminal attaching requirements to cover a wide spectrum of differences in both design and manufacturing process. The MPX universal welding machine advantages are: • Minimizing the changeover for similar terminals or perhaps different size cable for the same terminal • Easy integration of modular subassemblies when terminals require additional steps such as insulation crimping or automatic feeding of the terminals Figure 2. Flat terminal Figure 3. Flat terminal with insulation crimp Figure 4. MAK terminal, automatic feeding Figure 5. 3D terminal with insulation crimp MPX TC In its simplest form, the MPX is a benchtop welding machine for spot welding of battery applications. But by adding standardized modules for specific requirements, the MPX can perform more complex processing tasks, such as semi-automatic termination. Once the terminal designs are defined, the MPX can be configured with all standardized and optional modules. Figure 6. Wall terminal with insulation crimp Figure 7. Contact terminal The flexibility of the MPX allows the manufacturer to utilize the same machine for many different terminals (Figures 2-7). For high volume production, the main platform of the machine is common for all application and allow the customers to be trained easily for operation, quality control and maintenance of the equipment on the manufacturing