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44 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 Wiring Harness News INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Strain-Relief: Design Tips for Durability and Aesthetic Appeal Continued from page 42 ____________ Additional Design Considerations There are a few areas where you should pay more attention. Both the medical and food industries have special requirements for cleanability and materials. If your cables will go into harsh environments, you may need to use special materials, and also consider using much larger bends for extreme heat (where electrical resistance increases) or extreme cold (where brittleness increases). Each application has its own demands. Prototyping Your New Design All products go through iterations of design-build-test, and strain relief is no exception. Happily, most designs can easily be tested using 3D printing. For designs intended to be manufactured from an elastomer, try printing in a rubber-like material for testing. If your design is destined to be made of a rigid yet flexible plastic, you can print in a strong and flexible nylon material. Designs which will be molded can be printed in halves and glued together, while slip-on designs can be tested in nearly their final form. If you need more details, check out more articles on hardware design, as well as Fictiv’s www.fictiv.com. What a Relief Easy to design and vital to success, strain relief is just a matter of calculating your minimum bend and choosing the right style for your application. Make sure that the only spark felt with your product is from customers falling in love with a great design. Advertise in Wiring Harness News Contact Jim at jim@wiringharnessnews.com Phone 708-594-7764