Wiring Harness News WHN Sept-Oct 2020 WHN Sep-Oct 2020 - Page 39

INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Wiring Harness News SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 39 positioned his company with locations and capabilities and intends to spend the next few years growing organically. “I think the main thing I need in order to grow is a new MRP system that would work between all three plants to track inventories, workloads and job scheduling,” he informed. The facility in Pompano Beach was doing everything by hand. They weren’t even using rudimentary spreadsheets, and at least that part has changed. The Venice facility uses a combination of QuickBooks along with a home-brew order entry that actually works pretty well for them. In Ohio, they are using a legacy system from the 1980’s. It also works well, but prohibits Tony from having a dashboard look at all three facilities. “For the company to run more efficiently and cost-effectively, we really need to upgrade the MRP system.” Tony rounded out the conversation crediting the experience and dedication of his employees for the company’s continued success. To show his appreciation, he hosts a company trip every five years. In 2010, 2015 and just this past February, he took his employees on a cruise. “I pay for the cruise and the airfare and they can take somebody along with them, they just pay for alcohol and any additional expeditions,” he informed. After the interview, Tony made a casual request to his employees asking what they like about working for Fischer/Backus/PCI and he got almost 30 responses that he shared with WHN. It seemed a great capstone to this article to include a few: • I feel blessed to have worked at the same place for 30 years – it’s like my second home. Now with the change [of ownership] I’m happy because I have the opportunity to show how capable I am to do any job and be a good leader. I want to thank Tony for believing in me and giving me the chance to help make the company successful. • I’m happy to work in a place where I can help with my experience in the field of electronics. I drive 50 miles to and from work every day, but the effort is worth the prize. Thank you, Tony! • It’s nice to work somewhere where you feel appreciated. The boss is cool too! Fischer-Backus’ sister company, PCI East. • Transparency. Communication of things coming up, good or bad. • Perks, Bonus lunches, holiday bonuses, random days off and the five-year trip. • Not a lot of micromanaging. Just get your things done efficiently and on time. • I like being able to ask for help when it’s needed. • Small group of people who work well together. • Flexibility is a major factor, Especially with kids in sports. • Faith in people to perform their duties. • The respect that is given between everyone – from ownership all the way to employee.