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38 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 Wiring Harness News INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Fischer-Backus in the server room and industrial lighting sectors. They do overmoulding at this facility, and that’s a big part of what attracted Tony to the business. It’s a great asset to add that capability to his overall repertoire, but he admits it’s a little bigger challenge to bring on new customers for overmoulded assemblies. “Customers are hesitant to spend 20,000 – 30,000 on molds to switch suppliers,” he lamented. But he has been able to make pretty good inroads lately, especially with customers who own their molds. The Pompano Beach facility has 15 full-time employees with one part-time. They do some cable assemblies, but the main attraction for Tony was their PCB capability. One of their big OEM customers produces galley equipment for the airline industry. Another produces specialty equipment for K-9 patrol cars and PCI East makes many of their PCBs. Yet another company produces restraint harnesses for the military that have specialty embedded electronics. Well before Tony’s time, PCI East was a major supplier to Continued from page 36 ____________ IBM for their computer cables. That business has long since gone overseas, but the company still produces some specialty overmoulded computer cables. Tony operates the locations fairly autonomously, but likes the flexibility he now has. “I’ve been able to cross-sell with some of the customers in Ohio now that we’ve got overmolding capability at PCP. Being able to support differing capabilities has open some doors at all the facilities,” he explained. “With COVID-19 going on, the Venice facility has slowed. So, if we’ve got extra work going on in Ohio or Pompano Beach, we’re sending it there so we don’t have to lay anybody off.” All facilities are registered to ISO 9001:2015 and are UL certified. Asked what makes his enterprise stand out among competitors, Tony said, “I think it’s that willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We’ve got people who have worked there 30 - 35 years so there’s a lot of experience when customers are looking for input or feedback on design.” He also credits their ability to move very quickly. “If we get drawings in the morning, we can get it quoted and, if we have the material, build and ship it that same day.” Tony learned the importance of supplier development at his previous employers, and has honed the ability to obtain many parts overnight. He feels strongly that quality is a given, but credits their willingness to go above and beyond. “I think sometimes our price is probably higher and we lose out on some business but, in the end, I think you get what you pay for.” He indicated many of those customers he lost to cheaper suppliers overseas have come back when there is a design change, when deliveries are delayed, or when the quality just isn’t there. Future Tony is quite happy with the way he has