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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Wiring Harness News SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 27 Improving Outcomes for Our Clients in Electronic Harness/Interconnect Manufacturing Continued from page 25 ____________ idation and provide Customers with feedback prior to the NPI release. Solution –Develop the Tools and Processes to Perform Design Validation To accomplish this, El-Com is shifting the mindset of our engineers and technical team to not only provide a cost-estimate on a prospective interconnect, but to also perform a design validation concurrently. We have found this approach to be immensely valuable and appreciated by our customers and we hope to continue to impact the industry in a positive way. As a result, our customers’ interconnect designers can better focus on the purpose of the interconnect, which is to effectively connect a multitude of sub-systems in a system, rather than waste their time troubleshooting and upgrading existing designs as a result of mistakes that could have been identified earlier in the design cycle. This is how El-Com envisions the future of Interconnects. Contact us if you agree and want to consider participating in designing and creating this enhanced future of the electronic interconnect industry. About the Author: Arik Vrobel is a seasoned executive with extensive background in operations and strategic business development. Arik currently owns and oversees several operational companies (www.el-comsystems.com & www. ystechusa.com, amongst others) with an emphasis in the areas of design & manufacturing, of high-reliability electronics and electro-mechanical products to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in a variety of industries including defense, space, aerospace, medical, and industrial markets. Over his career, Arik’s companies have successfully executed and delivered on over $1Billion of specialty contracts and products for a variety of customers. Arik is passionate visionary focused on streamlining and simplifying complex products and processes both for customers as well as internal applications. During Arik’s time overseeing the El-Com Systems’ Business, the Company has transformed itself into being a global leader of electronic interconnects for sophisticated, high-reliability applications and products. With multiple geographic manufacturing locations across the Americas, El-Com Systems supports many of the industry leaders in space, aerospace, military/defense, commercial avionics and medical applications.