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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT Wiring Harness News NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 1 s i : e h s T su re Is tu a e F • Meet Jim - Not Your Average Joe • Industry Suppliers Host Octoberfest • New Dawn for US Manufacturers • Wire Wisdom - Cable Jacket Types 101 • Partnering with Customers: Myth or Reality? • Strategies to Strengthen Subassembly Sourcing • 25 Years of Quality Lacing Tapes and Yarns at Breyden Products • Augmented Reality Manufacturing - Delta Sigma’s Harness Works NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2016 21st Century Wire Harness Assembly - Delta Sigma Rolls Out Pilot Program HarnessWorks Projector and Board ith few exceptions, wire harness assemblies have been built using the same methods ever since people have been building wire harnesses. That is about to change. Delta Sigma Company (DSC), working on a USAF grant with several aircraft manufacturers, has just released the next generation of their Augmented Reality (AR) system called Harness- Works TM , this time specifically for build- ing wire harnesses. DSC’s CEO Roger Richardson, noted “After seeing enor- mous savings using AssemblyWorks TM on the F-35 for mechanical assemblies where returns of 4,000% on the initial investment were being generated, the Air Force asked DSC if a similar concept would work for electrical assemblies. We looked into the requirements that such a system would have, found some OEM W partners that could define system requirements, and determined that it was not only feasible, but our early indi- cations were that the cost benefits would likely be similar to the benefits seen for mechanical assembly.” With that, the project was under way. “The data used to build wire harnesses is significantly different today, in most cases, than the data available for mechanical assemblies. Design technolo- gy moved faster and has been much more broadly accepted in the mechani- cal world than the electrical world. The aviation industry is moving fast to catch up, but there are other industries where the only fundamental difference between the documentation methods used by the Egyptians in 3,500 BC to build a fleet of boats and the methods used today is that it is written on paper instead of papyrus. When we first start- ed developing AR work instructions in 2005, technologically speaking, docu- mentation for assembly instructions had not advanced much in 5,500 years” com- mented Dr. Brett Haisty, Chief Technolo- gy Officer at DSC. The folks at DSC thought that it was time to change that. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated world some- times containing virtual beings called avatars that move around in an environ- ment that is completely created by a computer. Augmented Reality is the application of VR onto physical reality. That is, physical reality is augmented by virtual reality so that the user sees at the same time things that are real (physical- ly present) and things that are virtual (computer generated). Properly used, AR opens up a world of opportunity never before available to explain things, especially things that are long, tedious, and somewhat complex – yet require absolute perfection in production. Air- craft wire harnesses would be a good example. “The first issue is scale. It is essential that we display the data in exactly one- to-one scale, so that the virtual part will match the physical part. The process of scaling the data through the optics is called calibration. Once the scaling problem is solved, the next challenge is to place that perfectly scaled virtual object onto a physical object so that they are perfectly aligned – a process ________________Continued on page 19 New Dawn for Manufacturing Careers in America (Wiring Harness News recently attend- ed IMTS 2016 in Chicago where Harry Moser of Reshoring Initiative ® gave an update on reshoring efforts in America. Mr. Moser was a past speaker at the WHMA Annual Conference. His organi- zation has released a new infographic on reshorenow.org. Following is his summary and a breakdown of some of the key components.) A Reshoring Initiative Infographic Supports Manufacturing Day 2016 Chicago, Illinois, September 23, 2016 – The Reshoring Initiative ® is announc- ing the availability of a new infographic, “New Dawn for Manufacturing Careers in America”, to support the goals of Man- ufacturing Day 2016. Manufacturing Day, Oct. 7, 2016, “is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers,”, said Harry Moser, founder/president of the Reshoring Initiative. He went on to say, “A strong skilled workforce is key to reshoring and manufacturing growth, and development of a skilled workforce begins with motivating a higher quanti- ty and quality of recruits.” Moser assert- ed that by demonstrating that the trend is now away from offshoring and Figure 1 towards reshoring, we make the case that manufacturing is once again a great choice for career stability and growth. The Infographic mirrors the Reshoring Initiative’s Workforce Development pro- grams, which are designed to motivate recruitment. By balancing the $800 billion per year manufactured goods trade deficit, the U.S. will add 5 million manufacturing jobs, an increase of 40%. Workforce development is key to the required capacity and competitiveness as explained by Mr. Moser in his recent IMTS press briefing. Shrinking Wage Gap The wage gap (shown in Figure 1) with China is rapidly shrinking. In fact, the labor cost savings that drove many companies to offshore have narrowed, causing many to reevaluate the total cost of offshore manufacturing. ________________Continued on page 35