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• Wire Wisdom • Can a Buyer Kill a Deal? • The Roll of the Blade in a Calibrated Wire Process • Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done • The Power Women of the Wire Harness Industry • Best Practices in Crimp Applicator Maintenance • Manufacturers Who Are Meeting Production and Market Challenges Head-on MARCH APRIL 2018 RPC Engineering: An Unlikely Beginning Becomes a Strategy for Success for this Colorado Manufacturer By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ______________________________ R PC Manufacturing Solu- tions, LLC was founded by Larry Rohs in 2003 in what many would consider to be unlikely circumstances. It has everything to do with Larry’s steadfast nature and abilities as a well-rounded executive. He and his son Brian Rohs told the compelling story to WHN in a recent chat. Larry’s background was entre- preneurial from the start. His family owned a small metal finishing busi- Brian, Larry, and Rob Rohs Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo Announces Seminar Lineup I ndustry experts will lead edu- cational seminars, workshops, and trainings both days of the Expo. The 18th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EW- PTE) will be held on Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 10 at the Wiscon- sin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Free informative seminars are held both days and provide attendees with the latest information to take back to their company for increased produc- tivity. SEMINAR SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 8:30am IPC/WHMA A-620: Rev C and Beyond Presented by Teresa Rowe, Sr. Director, Assembly & Stan- dards Technology of IPC. 10:30am Laser Wire Stripping Mas- ter Class Presented by Dr. Paul Tay- lor, Found of Laser Wire Solutions, Schleuniger, Inc. _____________ Continued on page 13 RPC Production Team ness in Milwaukee, WI called Barrel Plating Service. Larry’s father was a big believer in Yellow Pages ad- vertising, the internet advertising equivalent of that era. In fact, he did so much in Yellow Pages advertising, he was featured in an advertisement for Yellow Pages and declared the Yel- low Pages Businessman of the Year. Larry’s initial exposure to business was around the dinner table, where he was exposed to all facets of busi- ness while hearing the events of the day from his father. He decided to major in accounting in college and obtained a degree and subsequent CPA license. He entered the business world working for a large accounting firm. His career then migrated from accounting and finan- cial management, to general manage- ment, and ultimately to turnaround executive. In that role, Larry accom- plished many successful turnarounds, and it became clear that one day he should be running his own company. In 2003, Larry was brought on board as president of a small Colora- do computer company in need of his turnaround skills. “When I arrived,” he recalled, “I looked at the core compe- tencies to determine what we might come up with as a future strategy, and what is now RPC is what I basically came up with.” The company had sol- id skills at finding suppliers for moth- erboards for the specialized comput- ers they were putting together. His crew could solder, process wire, and had good electronic assembly skills. With the barriers of entry seemingly low, he set out creating a company that existed on three main pillars: printed circuit board assembly, har- ness manufacturing, and electronic box builds. _____________ Continued on page 23 The Role of the Blade in a Calibrated Wire Process By Ruben Lozano, B.I.E Lakes Precision ______________________________ P icture yourself in the mid- dle of a busy freeway. You’re traveling at night, at a high rate of speed, and SUDDENLY, your vehicle just stops dead. Everything just turns off! Churning out low quality, un- reliable wire circuits or defective, complex harnesses is certainly not the expectation of a wire harness manufacturer. Any wire harness pro- ducer worth their salt relies on first rate, efficient processes. One of the principal contributors of efficiency and quality in any process is a cali- brated piece of equipment. Within the scope of a wire processing ma- chine, there are three major process blocks: pre-process, process and post- process. Pre-and post-processes, like their names implies, are ancillary and supplemental procedures performed prior or after the main process. The actual process entails measuring a section of the bulk wire to length, cutting apart and stripping the ends of the wire and attaching connectors and/or other elements to those ends. Since we are talking here about building electrical wire harnesses to be installed in vehicles, appliances, etc., then we can surmise that con- nectivity between the end points of each wire in the harness to its intend- ed target is paramount. Thus, length accuracy in combination with proper electrical connections is an absolute must. These two key elements are contained within the main process of the machines and give us a clue on the mechanisms in the equipment that require calibration. In assessing these elements, we must analyze the feed traction mechanism, the cutting and stripping head and transport arms, and also the crimp presses and dies. _____________ Continued on page 38