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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT s • Data Cable Company i : e Th su res • Making Up For Lost Time Is tu • One-and-a-Half Hiring Tips a • Electrical Wire Processing Expo Schedule e F • Wire Wisdom - Wire & Cable Ampacity Ratings Wiring Harness News NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 1 • 4th International Conference Advanced Automotive Cabling 2014 MARCH APRIL 2014 Data Cable Company By Fred Noer __________________________________ H igh-quality products, on-time delivery, competitive pric- ing, superlative service – the four major factors to which every com- pany in the wiring harness industry must apply an unceasing laser focus. Data Cable in Orangeville, Ontario, Cana- da, is no different than any other firm in paying attention to them for the utmost in customer satisfaction. What differentiates Data Cable from other companies is that it adds a fifth fac- tor – trust. That one word embodies what the company “sells” to its customers and how it empowers its staff members. Essentially, trust underpins everything everyone does at Data Cable Co. “In a broad sense we are in the cus- tomer service business because we are extending our assembly services to our customers that own the product designs,” said David Gillies, 54, develop- ment manager. “But customer service is nothing if there is not a trusting relation- ship. Maintaining trust is so important. “When we try to get new customers, it’s all about earning their trust,” said Gillies, who joined Data Cable in 1988 and has held several managerial posi- tions. “We do everything we can to make it happen on price, but it ultimately is a Electrical Wire Processing Expo Announces Seminar Schedule T he nation’s largest dedicated wire processing event, the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo, will be held Wednes- day, May 14 and Thursday, May 15 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin. Free industry-specific seminars pre- sented by business leaders are held both days of the show providing information on the latest technology, new products, new advancements and the future of the wire harness and electrical cable assem- bly industries. WEDNESDAY MAY 14 8:30 am “How IPC/WHMA-A- 620B Helps My Business Grow” - Don- nie Hill, President & COO of Precision Manufacturing Co and Rick Bromm, VP Business Development of Altex Inc Donnie Hill, President & COO Precision Manufacturing Co. 10:30 am “Selection of Electrical Wire and Cable for Aerospace Applica- tions” - Albert Emery, Materials Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corp ________________Continued on page 60 Data Cable and its employees continue to draw new business building on trust. trusting relationship. Price wins some of the time, but in our case it comes down to winning on the value proposition. You have to have trust up and down the value stream.” Gillies also emphasized that trust has to be maintained for applying five prin- ciples that guide decision-making at the company. They consist of mutual respect of everyone, continuous improvement of processes and performance for cus- tomer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, ongoing staff knowledge and skills development and profitable growth by teamwork and accountability. The principles reflect the beliefs and values on which Dick and Lita Fearon founded Data Cable in 1980 in Orangeville. They manufactured cables for computers and their connections to other computers, modems, printers and related devices. Still the company owners, the Fearons, both in their 70s, do not oper- ate it, only providing oversight and direction. The firm has grown into a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer of wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, con- trol panels, box builds and electro- mechanical assemblies. According to Gillies, in the last 15 years approximately 15,000 different products were made, 2,000 of them in the past year. More than 8,700 work orders were processed in 2013, with an average quantity of 15 pieces. Military, at 15 percent, is the largest market served by Data Cable, followed closely by test and measurement (14 percent) and medical (12 percent). Five percent is in the heating industry, and farm equipment is less than one per- cent. The balance is spread over such markets as printing, security, packaging, fluid handling, automation, industrial robotics, satellite communications and mobile computing. In 2013 Data Cable had 93 active cus- tomers, with 95 percent of them located within a 150-mile radius of Orangeville. ________________Continued on page 54 And the Winner Is... C ongratulations to Kevin Myers, President of JAG Wire LLC, the first winner of our th 20 Birthday Celebration. Mr. Myers will receive a $100 gift card courtesy of Wiring Harness News. JAG Wire LLC is a manufacturer of custom wire harnesses, wire leads and cables. Their harnesses are used through- out the manufacturing industry and can be found in a variety of products - boat trailers, furnaces, home appliances are just a few places where you will find their harnesses. For further information about JAG Wire please visit www.jagwirellc. com. The winner for the March/April issue will be announced in the May/June issue of WHN. Two winners will be drawn at the Electrical Wire Processing Expo on Wednesday, May 14th. Kevin Myers - seriously!?