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s i • Cesar-Scott : e h s T su re • Funding Your R&D Through Government Requirements Is tu • Who is Your Customer? a e F • Expo Time - Time to Dream Big Dreams and Make Big Plans • The Diagnostic Organization - Addressing Mental Illness in the Workplace March April 2012 Cesar-Scott A progressive, flexible growing company By Fred Noer __________________________________ pportunity does not have to knock at Cesar-Scott. The door already is open, and inside the company headquarters in El Paso,Texas, the staff members are taking advantage of every opportunity present- ed to them. They also are making their own opportunities, a proactive approach reflective of founder and president Gus- tavo Farell. His broad background and open-mindedness enable his firm to be progressive and flexible. O “The best thing about what I do is that I do not ever worry about the day going by slow,” Farell, 50, said.“I like that we do a little bit of everything.We adapt quick, and we are a small company, so we can react fast. We have big-company thinking because I kept all the things I learned at Honeywell about infrastruc- ture.” Cesar-Scott is diversified. Wiring har- nesses and cable assemblies account for 80 percent of sales, and heat-shrink tub- ing is 15 percent.The remaining five per- cent primarily is in the distribution of electronic components. Farell, who is the sole owner of the Funding Your R&D Through Government Requirements By Joe Tito _________________________________ n 1982, Ronald Reagan signed the Small Business Innovation Devel- opment Act into law.The act was designed to enhance the research and development function of American small business by providing Small Busi- ness Innovation Research (SBIR) grants tied to specific government agency needs. This article seeks to define some of the specifics of the SBIR legislation and process. Broad Agency Announce- ments as a source of R & D will be reviewed briefly. The focus will then turn to Minnesota Wire for a look at how they have taken advantage of these pro- grams, along with advice for beginners. I Any U.S. Government agency whose outside R&D budget exceeds $100M, must allocate 3.2 percent of budget to participation in the SBIR program.There are currently eleven such agencies that include the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Transportation, Energy, Homeland Security; as well as the EPA, and NASA. Each agency runs its own dis- tinct SBIR program guided by the legisla- tion, and publishes written solicitations. The solicitations outline a call for solu- tions to satisfy specific agency needs. These are needs not currently met with existing, off-the-shelf, technologies. Once an agency establishes the spe- cific need, and the parameters of the R&D, a written request (SBIR) is pub- ________________Continued on page 12 Mr. Francisco Armendariz Payan (left) manager of Cesar-Scott’s Juarez harness and cable facility and Mr. Cesar Gustavo Farell. firm, expects it to hit $3 million in sales this year, the highest in company history. The number will be the third consecu- tive annual sales record, based on $2.5 million last year and $2.25 million in 2010. Growth in such a difficult economy can be attributed to Farell’s approach to doing business due to his expertise and experience. Formally, he gained expert- ise by earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Uni- versity of Minnesota-Twin Cities and an MBA from the UM Carlson School of Management. Farell’s first job was as a process engi- neer at Honeywell in Minneapolis in 1983. Three years later Farell became a project engineer at Honeywell in Chi- huahua, Mexico, to use his education, newly gained process engineering expe- rience and knowledge of Spanish. He was born in Uruguay, lived in France for a time and is trilingual in English, Span- ish and French. The Honeywell branch in Chihuahua manufactured test sets for the F-15 Eagle fighter jet that included cable, chassis ________________Continued on page 38 Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wire Processing Expo Offers Free Technical Seminars he nation’s largest dedicated wire processing event, the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo, will be held Wednes- day, May 9 and Thursday, May 10 at the Frontier Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Celebrating 12 years of the event, the Expo features industry specif- T ic seminars on new products, services and technology as well as future trends for the wire harness and electronic cable assembly industries. “The seminars are chosen by the Show’s Exhibitor Advisory Committee _________________Continued on page 3