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The 17th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo – Another Success !

By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ______________________________

With social media , Face- Time , Skype and text messaging , we live in the age of immediate connectivity . It ’ s easy to lose sight of the fact that the most effective form of communication is face to face . And nowhere is this more evident than the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo held every May at its home in the Milwaukee Center in downtown Milwaukee . This year ’ s event was held May 10th and 11th , and was nothing shy of another hit . The event continues to pull decision makers for harness contract manufacturers , as well as OEM harness shops from around the globe .

With over 165 exhibitors , the EWPT Expo is the world ’ s largest showcase for components , processing equipment , design tools , testing technology , and all the elements

Four Tips for Sustainable Growth for Wire and Cable Harness Companies

By David Oeters Corporate Communications with CIMx Software
_______________________________ that function in wire and cable harness production . The Expo was once again co-located with The Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Show , exhibiting coil winding and testing products for electrical manufacturing .
In addition to all the latest equipment , tools , and support technology available to the wire harness industry , attendees were able to attend free industry-specific seminars where they learned advanced techniques for solving wire harness problems . The 2017 seminars did not disappoint . Patrick Boyer of Komax highlighted ways to increase efficiencies in electrical cabinet building . Gary Wasch of Radix Wire spoke about high temperature wire for appliance applications , and Bernd Jost presented on manufacturing execution systems .
Need help inspecting your crimps ? Terry Curtis from Crimping & Stamping Technologies had you covered , while Paul Hogendoorn instructed folks on using the Internet of Things

For wire and cable harness companies , a successful growth strategy must be more than a long-term plan for increased business . Sustainable growth requires a solid foundation for increased production . Without it , inefficiencies and errors are magnified as demand surges on the shop floor . New orders and production requirements can then overwhelm archaic processes .

When pressure mounts , many businesses avoid opportunities for growth , turning down new customers rather than risk losing existing business .
As a manufacturer , your growth strategy should address production as much as new customers . Consider the following tips as you plan for growth .
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For the past few years , visitors have been treated to some special Pheasant Appetizers presented by Artos , KM USA , and Schleuniger . The pheasant is provided by The Wire Processing Expo Hunt Squad , John Olsen , Charlie Ross , John Szczepanski , DJ Cartledge , Stash Szczepanski , Chris Mikulski , Jay Partington , and loyal dogs , Axel , Millie and OZ . The group organizes the hunt each year , usually at Wild Ridge Game Farm in Watertown , WI
to improve plant floor productivity . Patrick Moroney , also of Komax , talked about best practices for wire twisting and taping , and Matt Houser of TE Connectivity rounded things out presenting andvanced theory for crimping small wires . As always , seminar attendees recieved Certifications of Completion that count towards Continuing Education Initiatives .
Many thanks to our friends at Wire & Cable Technology for another outstanding job at arranging the speakers and sponsoring the seminars room . Special thanks also to Carrie Seibel of EPI Shows for helping with speaker selection , and for making sure everything ran smoothly .
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Qualtek - From Fan Guards to Cable Assemblies

By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ______________________________

Qualtek Electronics Corporation is a major supplier of cable assemblies and cord sets . In addition to DVI , HDMI , and USB ( 2.0 and 3.0 ) cables , they also produce power cords ( International and Hospital Grade ), Ethernet Patch Cables ( Cat 5 and Cat 6 ) as well as Fiber Optic assemblies . The cables are available at predetermined lengths through their online catalog , but Qualtek will also custom produce these assemblies for bespoke applications . Through their global manufacturing platform and procurement specialties , Qualtek also produces AC and DC Fans and Accessories , EMI Filters , Power Supplies , and Thermal Circuit breakers . They also manufacture and supply ancillaries to the industry such as Heat Shrink and Cable Ties .

Wiring Harness News recently spoke with Laura Yano , Operations Supervisor , RJ Nuti , Chief Engineer , and Dimitri Povozhaev , Warehouse Manager , to learn more about the company ’ s history , and what makes them a work-class supplier of assemblies and related accessories . The company was founded in 1979 by John Hallums . “ At the time , he was working as a rep for GE and basically living out of his car , as he likes to tell ,” mentioned Laura . John saw a simple but strong need for wire-formed fan guards . Along with a friend and partner in Tiawan , he began to supply the fan guards under the name Qualtek , and his adventure began . “ From there , he began to introduce Power Cords and AC Receptacles , and other items ,” she instructed .
The company has 30 employees in Mentor , Ohio where it has been since its inception . “ All manufacturing is done overseas ,” Laura noted , “ except for a few key parts which are still done here in the US , and a couple that are done in Germany .” They are in their third location in Mentor where they occupy 60,000 Sq . Ft . They have been in the current location since 2011 , and the team was quick to mention they are growing out of that space .
As far as actual manufacturing operations , Qualtek has a unique structure . “ It ’ s really a mix ,” RJ said , “ some
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