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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT s • Buse Industries i : e Th su res • Electrical Wire Processing Expo Is tu • Definition of a “Good” Buyer a e F • In the Blood: Following in Fathers’ Footsteps Wiring Harness News NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 1 • Wire Wisdom - High Temperature Wire JULY AUGUST 2016 Buse Industries By Fred Noer _________________________________ hinking outside the box assures and promotes the vitality and growth of any company, but at Buse Industries an emphasis is being placed on thinking inside the box – literally. Box builds recently were added to T John Horgan Buse president and CEO the product line-up of the firm in Bridgeton, Mo., a community of 12,000 in the northwestern part of the St. Louis metropolitan area. The company prima- rily manufactures wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, and as a small portion of its business distributes wire, cable, connectors and terminals from Panduit, Molex, Belden and General Cable. Buse president and CEO John Hor- gan, 57, is excited about the prospects for growing Buse by offering box builds. “Customers are demanding more box builds to go along with our other prod- ucts,” he said. “More and more a turnkey solution is being requested.” The expertise and equipment for doing box builds were acquired May 6 when Buse purchased Neeco-Tron Incor- porated (NTI). It specializes in designing and manufacturing electromechanical assemblies as well as printed circuit boards integral to the assemblies. Nick Nibert owned the 23-year-old company and served as its president. He has joined Buse as vice president of sales. NTI equipment has been moved 10 miles to the Buse facility from St. Peters, Above is a harness for a refurbished X ray machine. Mo., where NTI was located. Some of the staff transferred to Buse, too. “Nick brings extensive industry con- tacts and a wealth of industry and tech- nical knowledge in printed circuit boards and electromechanical assem- blies used in a variety of industries,” Hor- gan stated in a release about the acquisi- tion. “NTI also brings a very high quality customer base that has become the focal point of Buse’s growth strategy.” NTI sales totaled $3-4 million annual- ly, according to Horgan. He noted that means Buse should hit $18 million by the end of this year and $20 million in 2017. He added that the company was at $17.5 million for 2013 but declined in 2014 and ’15. “We’re going to concentrate on mar- keting and expect that to fuel a lot of our growth in 2017,” Horgan said. “We’ve hired a third-party firm to help us with e- mail so we regularly monitor and main- tain our broadcast communication.” Upgrades are planned for the compa- ________________Continued on page 22 The 2016 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo - Another Hit! By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News _________________________________ alue added performance is something we seek every day in the wire harness industry. Wether it's a new tool, an enhanced process, or a new training protocol, we V are always looking to justify money spent against the value it adds to us, and to our organizations. For sixteen years, the Electrical Wiring Processing Technol- ogy Expo has provided an outstanding value proposition for both exhibitors and attendees. The 2016 show, held this past May at its home in The Milwaukee Center, was certainly no exception. Exhibitors enjoyed a breakfast before the show compliments of the Wiscon- sin Center and Wiring Harness News. A new attendance record was set as over 2900 gathered from 41 states and 28 countries. They came to see 165 exhibitors of world class wire process- ing equipment and service providers. The show floor was once again buzzing with all the latest equipment; on display, and actively processing. Several exhibit- ing companies set up meetings and training seminars at the Milwaukee Cen- ________________Continued on page 52