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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT s • How NOT to Sell a Business i : e Th su res • Justice Electronic Training Services (JETS) Is tu • 14th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Expo a • Wire Wisdom - Insulation Jacket Shrinkback e F • Explaining the Approval Process for Wire & Cable Products Wiring Harness News NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 1 • 3 Steps to Success: Measure, Analyze, Share - Don’t Forget to Share JULY AUGUST 2014 Justice Electronic Training Services (JETS) By Fred Noer _________________________________ I n the 16th century, the English philosopher, scientist and essayist Francis Bacon emphasized the importance of learning when he wrote that “knowledge is power.” Five cen- turies later, Lucy Justice personifies the essence of that famous Baconian phrase. As the president and CEO of Justice Electronic Training Services (J.E.T.S.) in Orlando, Fla., Justice empowers people with information as well as hands-on instruction to improve the quality of products manufactured in the wiring harness industry. She is an IPC certified master trainer, and her firm is an IPC certified training center. Another dimension to J.E.T.S. is its manufacturing capabilities. They include harnesses, cable assemblies, box builds and printed circuit board assemblies built for the aerospace, aircraft, military, medical, defense and commercial markets. At this point in the short history of J.E.T.S., which Justice, 60, founded in June 2006 and began operating in Octo- ber 2007, the emphasis is on training staff members for companies. She urges them to make training one of their top priorities. Explaining the Agency Approval Process for Wire and Cable Products By Mike Levesque & Randy Elliott, C&M Corporation _________________________________ ome engineers think it is sci- ence. Others contend it is some type of black magic. Many have no idea of exactly how the process works. Regardless of what is known –or unknown – about the submission and evaluation process, there are few that will disagree with the premise that agency certifications, such as those offered by organizations like Underwrit- ers Laboratories (UL), Canadian Stan- dards Association (CSA), or Intertek, for- merly known as Edison Testing Laborato- S ries (ETL), to name only a few, are an important part of any product offering in the wire and cable industry. With today’s focus on product safety, there has been an increased need for wire and cable products to carry either a listed or recognized mark signifying they have been independently evaluated and have met the appropriate safety guidelines that have been established based on their intended use. In an attempt to help bring some clar- ity to the agency certification process for bulk cable, I have posed a series of related questions to Randy Elliott, C&M ________________Continued on page 17 Lucy Justice (left) instructing a student on the proper way to assemble a wire to a terminal connection. “You should never stop training or get too comfortable because things do change, and sometimes they are things we didn’t anticipate,” she said. “When you make a long-term investment in training, your company will grow and be successful. People are excited about learning. “You always have to move forward and grow,” Justice said. “When you increase the knowledge of your work- force, you ultimately will benefit in the end.” The primary benefit is higher quality. It becomes evident not only in products but in manufacturing processes and in the people on the production floor. In turn, the quality of the service to cus- tomers is higher, and so is their satisfac- tion. ________________Continued on page 33 14th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Expo A Great Success By Joe Tito, Wiring Harness News _________________________________ M ilwaukee comes alive in the spring, and it’s not just the tulips. On May 14th and 15th, 2014, the city was once again host to the 14th annual Electrical Wire Pro- cessing Technology (EWPT) Expo. It’s the biggest dedicated wire processing event in the world, and they blew the doors off of the Wisconsin Center with 2,800 attendees. That represents a 23% increase from 2013 attendance! With168 exhibitors and over 45,000 square feet of exhibit space; the show highlighted assembly, inspection, and testing prod- ucts geared for harness manufacturers. As wide was the range of exhibits, so was the range of attendees. I personally ran into visitors from Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, China, Japan; plus a ton of folks from Canada. All agree there is nothing quite like the EWPT Expo, and that it really is the single best marketplace for goods and services to support the wire harness industry. Four Shows In One This is the third year the Expo has shared a location with ‘The Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Show’. Visitors viewed exhibits covering assem- bly, coil winding, and testing for the _________________Continued on page 8