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INDUSTRIAL INFO-TAINMENT s • After Elvis i : e Th su res • WHMA 2015 Conference Is tu • Wire Harnesses for Shoes? a • Selecting an Automation Tool for Wire Harness Design e F • Wire Wisdom - Understanding and Identifying UL AWM Styles Wiring Harness News NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 1 • 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Cut and Strip Machine JANUARY FEBRUARY 2015 WHMA 2015 Conference Joe Tito Wiring Harness News _________________________________ f you’ve been looking for a way to reignite your business, look no further than the 22nd Annual Wiring Harness Manufacturers’ Confer- ence on February 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s event promises to be the most inspiring, informative, and innovative WHMA event ever. Top billing for the conference goes to keynote speaker Allen B West. WHMA has had some truly stellar speakers in the past, but Mr. West will bring the event to a new level with his inspirational presentation on critical leadership skills in today’s challenging I business environment. Landing such a nationally recognizable figure as Allen West steps far outside the boundaries of previous events, and adequately sets the stage for the rest of the conference. Jim Manke, Executive Director of WHMA spoke about the decision process in choosing Mr. West to deliver his strong and timely message. “The board voted unanimously, and since we are in a good financial footing, thought it was time to give back to the members, and that this key message needed to be heard,” he noted. Jim feels this is an investment in the organization, and that the spark will pay huge dividends for WHMA. As for other topics, Jim explained the board went through a lengthy process Selecting an Automation Tool for Wiring Harness Design By Paul Johnston Mentor Graphics Corp _________________________________ roduct Engineering for Wiring Harness emerged from a desire to produce mass market vol- umes of increasingly complex items at required specifications & performance and at an optimized cost. Whether from an OEM of a passenger vehicle, truck, bus, off-road vehicle or aircraft, or emerging from the work of harness sup- pliers to these OEM’s - the trend for a century has been towards greater con- tent. The last half century approximately is the era wherein computer systems and software automation has been avail- able for inclusion into the engineering and business management repertoire. The Honorable Allen B. West will give the keynote address at the 2015 WHMA 2015 Conference. to select the best themes to comple- ment the powerful keynote. He is very excited about Fridays “Digital Marketing Platform Development” as a way for members to gain insight on driving traf- fic, and building value, through effective use of social media and other digital tools. “We had a very popular presenta- tion a couple of years ago with an indi- vidual from Hubspot, and this will really build on that,” he stated. Back by popular demand will be Jean Kelly of the Florida Health Underwrit- ers Association with an update on The Affordable Care Act and it’s nation- al impact on businesses. “There are still a lot of balls in the air on this topic, and we feel it’s important to stay on top of this for the membership”, Jim contended. Dave Pheteplace from Bishop & Asso- ciates will be on hand to present his “Wire Harness Industry Outlook.” Dave has become a fixture at WHMA events, ________________Continued on page 11 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Cut and Strip Machine P By Pete Doyon VP Product Management Schleuniger, Inc _________________________________ Paul Johnson, Mentor Graphics ________________Continued on page 48 lot of time and effort often goes into finding the right equipment for your facility. Purchasing a new wire cut & strip machine is no different. With so many options, where does one start? Asking these five questions during the decision making process will help ensure you end up with equipment that fits all of your needs. A Will my new cut & strip machine be flexible enough to process all of my current and future applications? Unless you’ll be running the same few jobs day in and day out, you’ll want a machine that is as flexible as possible. It is best to focus on the extreme ends of the application range in regards to wire and cable size. For example, if the largest wire you currently process is 10 AWG, determine if there is a chance you’ll need to process 8 AWG or larger wire in the future. You should also determine if there is a chance you will require advanced features like a multi-blade cut- terhead (for processing multi-conductor cable jackets and inner conductors) or a rotary incision unit to make radial inci- sions through the various cable layers when processing coaxial and other multi-layer cables. Being prepared for future needs will allow you to get the most out of your purchase. How long will changeovers take and are tools required? Most modern cut & strip machines are fully programmable; however there ________________Continued on page 22