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Heavy Duty Terminals for Automotive Applications

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diverse selection of hole sizes to accommodate customer requirements would be available . The terminals made for superior electrical for durability and corrosion resistance and are supplied on reels as continuous strip with the crimp ears up for automatic or manual termination .
5 ) Applicator Equipment
A trusted supplier ’ s applicator department should offer all the equipment needed to ensure an optimal
terminal-to-wire crimp . Engineered tooling and applicators used in recommended presses offer best results . A variety of attaching equipment should be offered to accommodate the manufacturer ’ s range of terminals . Heavy-duty applicators used for heavy-duty terminals are designed for five-ton electric presses and 10 -15- ton heavy-duty air / hydraulic presses . The applicators should accommodate terminals for up to “ 00 ” gauge wire and offer detailed set-up and operating instructions . An applicator can be designed for semi-automated and
fully automated crimping processes . Direction of feed and type of application should be clearly explained in accompanying collateral . Look for applicators that are designed to terminate more than one terminal .
A lightweight RoHS compliant , battery post terminal attached to wire using 15 ton Air / Hydraulic Press is readu for installation .
Terminal retention to wire
The chart offers retention values showing the minimum force required to separate the wire from the terminal ’ s wire crimp ear in both Newtons and lbs . / force . ( Measurements taken without influence of an insulation ear ) In some cases the manufacturer will recommend higher pullout forces to increase conductivity and specify crimp height to accomplish best all-around crimp performance .
The photo below shows the battery location with new set of optimally crimped battery cables .
Applicators built with engineered tooling constructed of hardened tool steels machined and polished to specific geometries are designed to repeatedly produce quality crimps . Heavy duty presses for heavy duty terminals provide for an efficient and simple application process . Air / Hydraulic presses are easily maintained and require little or no adjustment when changing wire size .
[ Applicators not shown to scale and some guards not shown .]


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