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terminal that will form the bond to the wire . This section is designed with specific coin , rib and serration features that will aid in this union .
c ) Mating area geometry . The portion of the terminal that will mate with its opposite to form the connection . This requires coupling features that will ensure the integrity of the circuit . Matching forms will provide maximum surface to surface area contact that will maintain a solid bond .
d ) Layout considerations for a terminal ’ s production will include determining a side by side or end to end configuration and its feed length . Attention is given to the direction of the terminal strip as it will need to be wound onto reels in a fashion that compliments the needs of the application process . where an insulation stripped portion of a wire is inserted . The cylinder is then pinched onto the wire . The collapsed portion of the cylinder forms the union between the terminal and the wire strands . Another type of crimp preferred by most quality wire harness manufacturers is the F type crimp . This type of crimp has a U- shaped portion at the back of the terminal designed to form an envelope around the exposed wire strands and be swedged between a sized punch and die , also known in the industry as roll tool and anvil . The resulting connection of the F type crimp is a union so tight that every wire strand is distinctly reshaped by the geometry of the crimp tooling and the compression force . A good crimp is imperative to having good retention to wire . Proper tooling and terminal selection in the recommended equipment and with correct settings will consistently yield quality crimps like the one shown below . A good terminal manufacturer will develop and provide tooling that will offer
F type crimp Cross Section of a Heavy Duty terminal crimped to 6 AWG wire . DESCRIPTION - A cross section of an ETCO 52042 terminal attached to 6 AWG Copper Strand wire . Crimp Height is . 1857 inch and Crimp Width is . 2885 inch . Strand Count is 268 . This cross-section shows every conductor strand has been compacted by the crimp . The terminal “ ears ” are evenly rolled and there are no voids between conductor strands .
4 ) Terminal Variety
Major manufacturers of heavy duty terminals for automotive applications would market battery post terminals specifically designed to mate with the different geometries of the Positive and Negative battery posts . Terminals featuring engineered ribs or serrations that work within the connection to insure best possible unification . These terminals would be clearly stamped with the + and – symbols identifying them as positive or negative terminals . A large assortment of heavy duty ring terminals also made to SAE specifications in a
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3 ) Terminal Crimp
The crimp is a solder-less termination method used to fasten the terminal to the wire . There are several styles of crimp terminations . One type incorporates a straight cylinder shape located at the back of a terminal
the best possible crimp . One that has a properly flared bell mouth on the wire side to reduce cut strands and yields a joint that offers optimal wire retention with the lowest electrical resistance .
F Battery Post Terminal
Battery Cable Ring Terminal