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Heavy Duty Terminals for Automotive Applications

for electrical conductivity , corrosion resistance , tensile strength , hardness and durability . All of those metal characteristics provide for an optimal heavy-duty terminal . For those looking to reduce weight a lead-free stamped battery terminal made of Tinned Brass is an idea substitute for a heavy cast terminal .
2 ) Terminal Design and Features A good engineering team will develop a terminal design that allows it to be part of the best connection possible and include design features that facilitate the terminals processing by the wire harness manufacturer . Some things they will consider beyond the metal choice are :
a ) Overall size and wire range of terminal . Determine how much metal is needed to produce the best terminal . The Length of terminal and material thickness are evaluated .
b ) Crimp area of terminal . The pocket / U shaped area of the
Compiled by ETCO Inc . Research and Development

Problems within the electrical system have long been an issue with automobiles . One of the most common areas for an electrical circuit failure is with battery connections . The heavy-duty terminals required for large AWG wires like those used on battery connections are gaining attention with manufacturers that provide terminals to the Automotive Industry . Electric terminal manufacturers utilize a good portion of their engineering resources focusing on the development of new product or improving existing terminals for an industry that is also focused on , costs , improving fuel mileages , reducing the use of lead ( RoHS ) and vehicle weights .

Many things have to be considered when developing a terminal for heavy duty automotive applications . This report will share several concerns vital to manufacturing a robust , heavy duty automotive electrical connection that must meet or exceed customer specifications and SAE standards .
1 ) Material selection for terminals Since the implementation of the RoHS directive , lead terminals are being replaced by those made of other lead-free materials . Terminals can be manufactured from steel and exotic alloys with various plating options including bright and matte finishes . A great choice of material for a heavyduty battery terminal is Tinned Brass . Its properties are superior to Lead
DESCRIPTION - The test bed for many of ETCO ’ s automotive terminal innovations is the company ’ s record setting 2004 GTO . ETCO ’ s Race team recently relocated the battery from the front of the vehicle to the trunk , which helped transfer weight to a location over the drive wheels . To accomplish this , a special wire harness was fabricated using terminals from a line of RoHS compliant , Heavy Duty 12V battery and ring terminals developed for heavy duty , high performance applications .