Wiring Harness News Sep-Oct 2022 - Page 45

Figure 5 . More examples of challenging applications .
cable by linear welding could allow the vibration for the second weld to break the first weld . Torsional welding has much less vibration affect and , therefore , it makes welding of cables as short as 4 in . possible .
4 . 3D terminal – PowerWheel ® offers the advantage of more access to the weld area .
5 . High power lock box terminals with Al cable - The Royal Power Solutions terminal , SQ4 , in this case is about 17 mm high . PowerWheel ® is the method to access the weld area .
6 . Terminal two stranded braided cord - Braided wires have exceptionally fine strands which can be damaged without the gentle torsional vibration .
The innovative and rapidly growing EV market demands new , developing solutions for the challenges ahead . Torsional welding has become a significant joining process in the industry . In addition to solutions for battery cable terminations with a variety of connectors , the technology has provided welding solutions for EV weight control , battery packaging , bus bars , battery manufacturing and power electronics . The application capabilities have expanded beyond what was previously imagined . As product designers and process engineers continue to familiarize themselves with the torsional welding process and its capabilities , the technology is positioned to help propel the EV industry to even greater heights .


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