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shape , and the weld orientation will add to the challenges even further .
2 . The larger the cable to be terminated , the larger the generator power and welding force need to be . For cables sizes of 150 mm ², we need generators with power above 10 KW and forces up to 8,000 Newton . Such high force is not sustainable for conventional welders if it is not a direct force to the weld area . Otherwise , significant bending of the sonotrode makes it impossible to create consistent weld quality between the cable and the connector .
3 . Conventional welders allow one orientation and thus create limitations for differently design connectors and orientation of the welding . Telsonic ’ s PowerWheel ® allows more freedom for accessing the parts to be welded due to the orientation of tooling and vibration , creating a solution for each of these challenges . The tooling orientation of PowerWheel ® allows welding on surfaces that are otherwise hard to reach with conventional welding .
Figure 2 . Basics of Linear and Torsional Welding
4 . Even if none of the above challenges are present , there is always one quality criteria that can be an issue to meet . The relative movement of sonotrode , known as amplitude , is how the scrubbing / friction between the parts interface is created . ( see Figure 2 ). Conventional welding amplitude is highest at the welding transitional area . This can be an issue when welding larger cables at a prespecified weld width and high power and force . The higher amplitude near the start of the weld nugget causes nicking of the cable ’ s strands due to extreme extrusion of strands ( see Figure 1 )
How Linear and Torsional Welding Work
Figure 2 demonstrates the basics of how longitudinal ( Linear ) welding works and is essential to understanding the differences between traditional longitudinal and Telsonic ’ s innovative PowerWheel ® welding technology .
• The term ‘ amplitude ’ describes the extent of sonotrode ’ s motion - expansion and contraction .
• The amplitude correlates with the scrubbing effect at the interface of the weld seam . This movement in combination with pressure is responsible for the welding process .
Table 1 . Major Differences in Linear and Torsional Welding .
PowerWheel ® for Cable Terminations
PowerWheel ® welding technology uses an innovative concept to vibrate the sonotrode , which is excited in a torsional manner . With a scalable welding power of between 7.2 kW and 14.4 kW , the optimum welding power can be selected for each application .
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