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Ensuring Wire Harness Connection Reliability in Electric Vehicles

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minals and contacts become worn after exposure to micromotions from vibration and / or thermal expansion caused by heating or cooling cycles . Throughout the vehicle , connectors are subject to vibration from the road surface , engine , drive train , suspension system , and other related components . Micromovements wear through metal plating into the base metal that then oxidize , eventually creating an open connection and ultimately , power failure or signal loss . As this oxide layer builds up , it acts as an insulator between the contacts , increases the electrical resistance and voltage drop across the terminal and may eventually result in an open circuit and total loss of connection and conductivity . Fretting corrosion has been reported on some of the most popular connectors used today for ADAS , including FAKRA , USB-A and USB-C connectors .
Sometimes , unmating and re-mating connectors may solve intermittent power failures . However , unless a connector lubricant is applied , the connector will continue to wear and will eventually oxidize and corrode . Connector grease has two primary benefits . The grease reduces physical wear between the connecting surfaces as they undergo micromotions and fretting wear . This wear reduction preserves the connectors ’ layered coatings designed to prevent oxidation and minimize resistance . It also insulates the system from the surrounding environment , preventing insulative oxide layer buildup , which increases resistance and signal loss .
Although connector lubricants are nonconductive , they still allow the microscopic asperities of the contacts to transfer signal and power , while filling in the valleys of the connectors where oxides and wear debris can form . The insulative or dielectric properties are especially important in multi-pin connectors where excess conductive grease could cause a short between the pins ( just like water ).
Automotive OEM had to fix a quality issue with the vehicle headlights after the electrical resistance increased in the connectors of the wire harness powering the headlights . This caused the connectors to overheat and presented a potential fire hazard . To prevent the same issue from occurring , the OEM came to Nye Lubricants in search of a grease that would prevent an increase in connector resistance in their new headlight harness .
Short circuits may occur if connector terminals become corroded , worn , or oxidized . Nye provided the OEM with 25-gram tubes of their industry leading connector grease , Nyo- Gel ® 760G . The OEM was pleased with the results and was able to distribute the grease to dealerships around the country .
About Nye Connector Greases
For more than 25 years , OEMs like Ford , General Motors , Navistar , Paccar , and Chrysler have been protecting their contacts with NyoGel ® 760G , the universal , industry leading connector grease . NyoGel ® 760G is just one product in our complete line of connector greases formulated specifically to address high temperature and high vibration operation . In trucking , automotive , and marine applications , it is particularly important that the lubricant within your assembly can withstand harsh environmental conditions . To address these needs , our connector greases have superior salt spray resistance with little water washout or grease evaporation . With some wire harness assemblies , material compatibility can become an issue as you must ensure that the lubricant will not eat through plastic components . NyoGel ® 760G , along with our other connector greases , are resistant to harsh chemicals and are compatible with a wide range of plastics and elastomers .
As a trusted supplier , we work directly with design engineers to form a partnership and assist with the selection of the proper grease to ensure performance even under the most demanding operating conditions , avoid warranty claims , and prevent costly , time-consuming repairs . For applications outside of the automotive industry , we also offer specialty connector greases with low outgassing properties or biocompatibility to meet the unique requirements of wire harnesses in aerospace , semiconductor manufacturing , and medical applications . To accommodate different requirements , Nye offers a variety of grease packages to suit both high-volume production dispensing and small volume manual dispensing . If you would like to learn more about how our connector lubricants can work in your wire harness assembly , please contact Jeff Wheeler at jwheeler @ nyelubricants . com
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Connector Grease in Action : Preventing Thermal Failures
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